Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Aquacealer Concealer

This is one I’ve been sitting on for a while. I got 2 of these forever ago when Sephora had them for $11 a pop during a  weekly wow.


This box is a simple design with the blue to purple ombre effect. It does give off that cool rainforest sea vibe to me.


I got the shade Fair since I basically a ghost and this one was the lightest that they had.


This thing is massive. I love it when a  product surprises you with an obscene amount of product. I haven’t even opened the 2nd one that I bought cause I never got through the 1st one.  Tarte is so impressed with their products like this applicator is in all of their concealers and foundations I have tried and it’s perfection.

This concealer does offer amazing coverage and is easy to use. I’ve used it as a  concealer and a quick foundation. It’s a really smooth formula and doesn’t take a lot of effort. It’s something I love when you get a concealer and don’t have to fight with it or try to make it work when it doesn’t. This one just works, which is really what you need in a makeup right?  Some makeups especially concealer just want to rebel and make you look worst depending on what powders you are using.

I’m forever impressed with Tarte they are one of those companies I will always invest in cause they have never done me wrong.  Do you guys have a brand like that? doesn’t have to be makeup just one in general that you invest in just because the products work for you?

If you want to grab one of these I have included the link below. This one comes in 10 different shades

Buy it from Tarte!

Buy it from Sephora.




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