Doctor Lip Bang’s Lip Freak

I bought this on on a  pure whim cause I like the packaging and needed something to get free shipping with Ulta.

Also, the name got me. Doctor Lip Bang’s Lip Freak, I’m mean really how does that just not make you curious as to what the hell it is?



I mean can you blame me. Look at this! It’s got that old-school circus feel to it. How can you not dig that?



The whole packaging is pretty on point. I do really dig the sides as well.


The actually balm is simple and has the same look to it.

This stuff is weird. I’m not sure how I completely feel about it. It does smell amazing like bubblegum. When you 1st put it on you get that tingle which is cool. However, after a while, it gets more intense and it slightly burns. It’s not a bad burn but it’s one that made me take it off. I find this one works better if you just dab it on just a little bit. It does give your lips a little bit of a plump.

I dig the concept of it, but it’s just not for me. However, if you are into a fun tingle burn then, by all means, snatch one of these up.

If you want to try it out I have included links below. It’s $7.99 at the brand’s site but only. $2.48 at Ulta.

Buy Lip Freak from Doctor Lip Bang.

Buy Lip Freak from Ulta.

2 thoughts on “Doctor Lip Bang’s Lip Freak

  1. Interesting! So glad you tried this out because I’ve seen this before and have always been curious about the quality 😂

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