Black Craft Cult Coffin Backpack


My current obsession is with this backpack I just got like a week ago from Hot Topic with my hot cash. I’m so in love with it I decided to make it my product of the week. It’s another BlackCraft Cult product since I dig the brand so much I just keep investing in it.


This backpack is of course coffin shaped. It’s a pretty decent sized backpack for being a mini. The straps are adjustable. I have mine all the way done because I don’t want it all snug on my back.

The major design on this is the stamped in the logo for the brand. Which unless you really look at it you can’t tell. My wife just thought I was some weirdo who brought a coffin backpack, which by the way I am that weirdo. She changed her opinion when she saw it was BlackCraft for some reason.  Probably cause she knows how into the brand I am right now. It also has a zipper pocket which I like to keep random crystals bracelets and lip glosses in.



It has a pocket in the back between the straps which I adore. It’s really perfect to keep stuff you need reach quickly.


It’s actually quite deep for a mini which I was impressed with. The inside and the pockets all feature the same pattern that was in their palette and lipstick set.


There is also a zipper pocket and some smaller pockets inside to keep track of little things. I hide pins, my contact case, and more random lip products in them.


The outside zipper has this adorable planchette which says Create Your Own Future.

I’m in love with the bag. It’s comfortable to wear, it’s got a sleek look, and it’s not overly big so I can’t carry a ton of shit I don’t need.

If you are interested it’s available at Hot Topic. It’s $42.90, but if you have hot cash like I did you can use it.  As always I have included a link below.

Buy the BlackCraft Coffin Mini Backpack.

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