KVD’s Santa Sangre

I’m doing a Kat Von D week in honor of the 10th Anniversary of the brand.  I didn’t get all of the collection I only got the piece of it I really wanted. So I will be reviewing them this week.

I decided to start off with the one I was most excited about. The lipstick of course.


This is the 10th Anniversary Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick. The package is all gold everything. Plus the lipstick lid has a lock feature. It’s the one thing I’ve not like about Kat’s studded lipstick is the lids sometimes fall off. I had the issue with the mini more than the full sizes.


This is red perfection named Santa Sangre.


It’s got the traditional initials carved into as all the full sizes due. Also, notice the notches on the bottom. Those are the lid lock feature. I literally squeal when I opened it and tried it.


This lipstick is in a Satin-Matte Poison Apple color according to Kat’s website. It does go on smooth it’s just not as creamy as the new formula is. However, it works for this one though. I was a little disappointed at 1st but after wearing it for a bit I fell in love with it more and more. This one doesn’t dry out my lips and I wore it for hours without it fading.

Plus it looks so perfect against my pale skin. I dig it. These are $19 a piece if you are interested I have included links below.

Buy KVD’s Santa Sangre from Sephora.

Buy Santa Sangre from Kat Von D’s Beauty.

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