KVD’s 10th Anniversary Palette

The 2nd piece of the 10th Anniversary collection I got was this stunning palette.



Of course, all the package kept with the all gold everything. As always with all of Kat’s Palettes, it features the colors on the back of the box.


The palette itself was tucked inside a black cardboard sleeve for a little extra protection. The artwork on the front of the palette was drawn by Kat especially for this.



The palette is pretty good sized and contains 16 colors in total. The back of the palette, of course, feature a name list of the colors.


I did the swatches backward for some reason. Every color in the Palette has a muse that inspired it. So for this one, I’m gonna tell you about the muse then break down the color. There were only  10 muses that she actually covered in the promo campaigns. Sadly I was not able to find the info on the other 6.



Leafar– was inspired by the singer Prayer who is also Kat’s Husband Rafael which he also goes by this name which is his backward. This color is a  bright shimmy green which I’m in love with, which may be why I started with it  1st.

Lala-Celebrity stylist and model. This shade is an olive green matte.

Sylvia– is Mom Von D, This one is a light yellow matte.

Egypt– is a writer, her color is this stunning gold glitter that I’m obsessed with it.

Gina-  Photographer, model, and Mental Health Advocate. This shade is a bright orange matte.

Ashley– who is the president of Kat’s fan club and runs the KatVonD Unlimited Insta. This color is a burnt orange matte.

Malice– She is a dancer who believes in female empowerment.  This one is a dark red matte.

 Adele- Designer and Artist. This shade is a matte chocolate brown.


Chad– Deep Matte Blue, another shade that I wanted to try as soon as I saw it.

Carolyn- Forest green matte.

Sarah- Greyish Tan Matte

Kelly- light brown with baby blue glitter. This is another one that I adore cause it’s the weird but stunning shade.

Catherine- purple with pink glitter shimmer. It’s so lovely

Nancy- tan matte

Alexandra- Seamstress, her shade is the strange peachy pink with pink glitter in it. Honestly, if you look at her it really looks like her if she was a color.

Melanie- model, her shade is a cream matte.

I really love this palette the colors are so perfect and they are a high quality. I have been able to use them with and without a  primer and them go on with perfections.

This was my look from today that  I created with Gina and  Ashley in the crease. The lid is Nancy and Melanie with Alexandre over it.  Also, my inner eye is Egypt and my water line is Adele. 

I used Carol and Sarah for my crease.  Lala and Sarah for my outer lid and  Catherine for the center. Egpyt for my inner eye again and finally Leafer for my water line.

This one you can’t really see but I used Sarah, Lala, and Leafer for my lid and cream and  Egpyt for my inner eye. If you can’t tell I’m obsessed with that one.

I have done some other looks with this but they didn’t look as good so they are not pictured.  The possibilities with this one are limitless. I really think  Kat killed it with the palette, but I say that about them all. She has yet to disappoint me so I have nothing bad to say till then.

Have any of your tired this one yet? if so I would love to hear what you think.

As always if you are interested in getting this one. I have included links below. It’s in stock on Sephora right now and Kat’s site is waiting to get some more back in.

Buy the 10th Anniversary Palette from Sephora 

Buy the 10th Anniversary Palette for KVD Beauty!

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