WWE April Slam Crate

I reviewed the last crate 2 months ago and didn’t plan on doing another one for it. Honestly, I got this month and changed my mind. Something about getting a box that doesn’t live up to what you want makes you want to put it out there. Maybe this is just my way of hoping they change it up a bit.



This month’s theme was the grandest stage, which is a nod to  Wrestlemania since it happened at the beginning of the month. Every crate comes with a pamphlet that gives you a  list and description of what’s in it.


It also includes an interview with a superstar. This month was Asuka.


When you open up the pamphlet completely you get a  poster. This one was of Shinsuke Nakamura after winning the Royal Rumble earlier this year. This is the 2nd poster of Shin actually. The 2nd crate had one of him with the NXT title. So as much as I like him I kinda wish they had picked someone else that hasn’t been featured in the crate yet.

thumbnail_IMG_3273Every crate has a title pin. This month was the SmackDown! Live Tag Titles.


This is a  Universal Championship fanny pack…….. last year that had one for the WWE World Championship. It was cool when I got the 1st one. This one I don’t care for. I’m not sure why the hell they decided to do another one. It’s kind of like who needs 2 title fanny packs? I feel like they could have done something better. Plus the current Champ is a  waste of space so the title itself is as pointless as this pack is.


There is always a random item. This is the 2nd pair of sock I’ve gotten which I do actually kind of dig.  These are basically replicated of AJ Styles’s wrestling boot so they are pretty sweet.  You really can’t go too wrong with a good pair of socks.


In the last 7 crates, they have included a figure like this.  This month they went with Seth Rollins which I dig. I’m a fan so it’s nice to get something that you actually like.

thumbnail_IMG_3283This one came in  3 different styles. I got the one in the middle which I’m pleased with.


The details on these figures are kinda crazy how much they actually look like the person. Plus each one comes with a side of a  ring. Once you get 4 you have a complete ring.


Every month comes with a shirt this month was my favorite. It’s soft and comfortable, most of them I have had to break in. Plus It’s Stone Cold, how could you not like this shirt.

This box was ok, honestly, it wasn’t the best. Sometimes they are a hit and miss as with any subscription. It did stick with the theme of the grandest stage of the item that was in it. However, I feel like they could be doing better. No stupid Duplicates including more superstars that they haven’t before. The random cool things like the figure, socks, and the shirts to make it worth it. Don’t get me wrong I do like getting these I just wish they would include a variety of stuff and not the same of shit.

If you want to sign up for this one or any loot crate I have included the link below.

Sign up for Loot Crate

3 thoughts on “WWE April Slam Crate

  1. It was the first crate that had the other Nakamura poster in it, not the second.
    Also, I actually disliked this crate’s t-shirt. The material was much thinner than usual, it had no WWE Authentic Patch at the bottom like all the previous ones have, and the sleeves are a bit too short. The overall design of the shirt is silly in my opinion, as they should have just made the whole shirt black instead of a black box on a grey shirt. And for a Stone Cold t-shirt, it could have been so so much better; it could have been bad ass. But instead it’s so generic and plain looking and not black like all classic Stone Cold t-shirts. Probably the worst Stone Cold Steve Austin t-shirt of all time.

    1. It was yes. The 1st was the ultimate Warrior I believe. I dig the shirt because it’s a thinner material, but I agree it would have been better black. I think they keep it simple so it more pg than stone cold really is. It could have been way worst. Hopefully they step up their game some.

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