Grande Mascara

I have been sitting on this sample for months. I got it as a free sample after trying their lip plumping in a Play! box.


This sample has this color purple packaging that I really dig. I hope it carries over to the actual full-size product.


The directions are simple like every mascara you just sweep it from the base to the tip and added multiple layers for volume.


The spoolie is full and stiff which I adore in a mascara applicator. The ones that are too flimsy just piss me off sometimes.  This one is quite perfect. The product goes on smooth with little clumping. I have used it with primer and without and it still gives you the full lash look. However, I think it works better with the primer, but that’s with any mascara. Seriously it just gives it that little extra push to make them bigger.


I tried to get a  legit picture of the effect and this was the best I could do. I’m pretty pleased with this stuff. I do feel like it could do a little more.  If you are interested in this one I have included links below. The full size is $25 a piece.

Buy Grande Mascara from Grande

Buy Grande Mascara from Sephora

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