May Ipsy Glam Bag


I decided to finish out  May with my subscriptions purely on the fact that I had 2 of them and there were gonna be  2  posts this week to end this month. It worked out perfectly.



This month’s theme was Go There, which is kind of perfect since this is the time of year that everyone likes to travel for the summer.


This bag is rather cute with all the little stamps on it like a  passport. It fits the theme so well. I am going to have to use it for Travel related things.



This was a brand I hadn’t heard of or tried before, so I was excited to try it out. It’s actually a really lovely blue shimmer eyeshadow in the color Mermaid Teal. Get it, it’s punny, which I dig.  This one is actually pretty lovely and I’m gonna look more into the brand and see what they have to offer.


I have gotten this brand in a bag before. I pretty sure in this color which I can’t find anywhere so I probably used it all up and tossed it. This brand is actually pretty amazing and the polish lasts for a good while with little chipping.



I am starting to dig these light colors which are good since it’s all I ever really seem to get sometimes. I have gotten a couple blues and greys that I liked. I got a dusty pink that I was pretty in love with last month. I do tend to go more with a bright or darker polish because of that just my preference. Ipsy seems to take me out of my comfort zone with these sometimes. Which isn’t a  bad thing as long as it’s not a terrible product.



Listen I love Nyx products I really do, but fuck this lip cream. I’m actually a little offended Ipsy thought this would be a good shade for me. It’s the same color as my skin. Actually, this is like the 3rd time this has happened and I do my review survey and it’s good for a  few months then boom again. It’s making me not like the brand cause Ipsy thinks this is a good choice. Don’t get me wrong it’s a lovely formula, goes on smooth doesn’t dry out my lips. However, I could use this as a concealer instead of a lipstick. I hate it I just do. I think I may find one in a decent shade and give it a  try before I write it off completely.


This was one I haven’t tired and keep meaning to. I bought some of their masks around  Christmas and I have no clue where they are. I really dig this mask. It’s a light formula that goes on smooth and you can feel working. I left it on for about 15 mins then wash it off with a washcloth. My skin was super soft and didn’t feel dry like some mask will. I have to invest more in this.



I love Tarte, this one is no different. This was actually something I had yet to try from the brand.


This is a  smooth silky powder that works perfectly as a finishing powder once you have completed your look. Some finishing or even setting powders are too heavy and just cause more damage than good. I really like this will and will probably invest in a full size.

I was fairly pleased with this bag with the one exception. I hope it’s something that doesn’t continue on including new and different products. They have been doing so good lately just they gotta step up their lip cream game.

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