Bite Amuse Bouche Lipstick

Today’s product of the week is special. It’s my wedding lipstick.  Today is also my  2nd Wedding Anniversary.  I was on the search this week for the mini lipstick I used on my actual wedding day and have misplaced it somewhere during the move. I did take that as an opportunity to order a full size. I scored the mini in my 2nd Play! box and fell in love with it and Bite Beauty. I thought what better way to celebrate the day was to review this one.



The box comes with a sleeve that is on the left. The simple grey box holds the lipstick.



When you open it the lipstick is contained in a cardboard fold out. The tube is a smooth dark grey tube with what looks like a  bite taken out of the top of it.


The lipstick features the Bite logo carved into it, which is honestly one of my favorite things about full-sized lipsticks. It just makes it seem so fancy when they have that.



This shade is called Kimchi. It’s this stunning hot hot pink that I instantly fell in love with. It was exciting to get a lipstick in my favorite color in one of my  1st boxes.  This one is high impact wear to show the multi-dimensional shade. Bite handcrafts these to deliver intense moisture and creamy wear.  This color contains Orange Peel Wax which helps seal in hydration. In other words, this stuff doesn’t dry out, which is why I was able to rock it during the wedding and the reception till I finally ate a cupcake and wiped it off.  I really adore this stuff and this honestly may be my favorite lipstick.

img_3674I don’t have a  picture of me wearing the lipstick at my wedding since I was everywhere and really nowhere all at once. So I decided to include one of our 1st kiss as wives instead.

Any of you reading this married or getting married?  Do you have a  wedding Lipstick? Do you have a favorite lipstick in general?

This one comes in 47 different shades and is $26 a tube. I have included links below as always.

Buy Amuse Bouche Lipstick from Bite Beauty.

Buy Amuse Bouche Lipstick from Sephora.

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