Kate Spade

I wasn’t sure what I was going to post for today. I had been going over some items I have that need to be reviewed, but I’ve been so burned out that I just can’t wrap my head around it. Then while I was casually scrolling facebook on lunch yesterday my heart drop with the news of Kate Spade’s passing.

My love affair with fashion is no secret if you haven’t realized by the name of this blog. I have always been obsessed with all the parts of it. Over the years I have tried to score some big-name fashion pieces. My most recent one was actually a Kate Spade product.


I recently found this phone case on sale and snatched it up. I wanted something designer that made me feel like a  boss. I found this one and instantly knew it was the one. So I ordered it and never looked back. Kate Spade is one designer whose products give a girl that feeling like she can conquer the world. I have never heard anything different about her.  She is behind creating some of the firsts for million’s of women who wanted something designer that was simple and gorgeous. She gave us that. I hope we never lose that feeling.

Thank you Kate!

I always loved words she put out into the universe so I have included some of my favorites below.



The Trail of Glitter you left behind will ensure you never get gotten.

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