Pretty Woman Gelogic

This Product of the week I chose something pink with a  little sparkle.

I have been stalking Pretty Woman  NYC website since I first got one of their products in an Ipsy bag. There are literally so many choices that I haven’t been able to pick. I always add a bunch of stunning colors with perfect names to my cart then can’t decide. I know you are probably thinking why not buy them all. Honestly, I almost have several times but I wanted to pick one and focus on it primarily. Instead of wanting to change my polish every other day. It’s just not fair to me or the polish to have so many at once.


After hours and days of looking and check out everything they had, I decided on this one. Everything about this one was appealing. As you can see it’s a Gelogic which means it’s a UV gel quality polish without the lamps.  Don’t get me wrong I appreciate a  good gel polish but having to not go through the normal process of it every nail is like a dream.  I have tried this one with a base coat and a top coat and it really works better by itself. I can put one single coat on and it covers my nail. I actually don’t really need to do a  second coat the coverage is so great. There is very little chipping with it.  The only issues I have is not letting it dry completely and messing it up. It does dry fast but I wouldn’t recommend doing a  bunch of stuff with your hands directly after. Relax a min and enjoy the break.


I really do love this color. It’s a hot pink with what appears to be blue glitter powder mixed into it.  So it gives you that bright color with that little hint of shimmer to it. A shimmer that’s not so overpowering that it takes away from the actually polish shade but just enough to give it that finished shine. Hence why you don’t need a top coat for it since it’s already got that little extra in it. I will be investing in more of these and the brand as a whole.

This one is Hot Pink Sparkle, the name is honestly why I picked it. The brand does have some pretty on point names for all its products. This stuff comes in 30 colors and 1 top coat. They are $7.99 a piece which is a steal for a good polish.

If you are interested there is a link below as always.

Buy Gelogics from Pretty Woman NYC.

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