Pacifica Gem Water

I decided I might as well get all the skin care part of this collection out of the way this week and then do the makeup ones next. this product we are going to talk about today is  Gem Water. Which is exactly what it sounds like.


This is a massive bottle. I have been using it a couple times a week or day and I’m not even halfway through it.  Plus take a moment take in the look and feel of this bottle. It’s really quite a perfect packaging to describe the product itself.


My favorite thing about this product is there is actually Quartz in it. The water itself is a combination of Watermelon, quartz, and lemongrass to help take away dirt, makeup, and impurities.  The fact that it has the actual gems in there just adds to it. When I ordered it wasn’t something I was aware of until I received it and heard the bottle make noise. It’s really this little thing that did it for me.


I used my little cotton swaps and only a small amount of the product. You don’t have to soak it in them and a little goes a long way.  I like to use it after my makeup wipes or before I wash my face then again after just to make sure I get everything. The picture above was after a makeup wipe and you can see how much was left over. It took all of the remainder off.

I am super impressed with this formula. It leaves my face clean and it doesn’t burn or make my face feel dried out. If my skin is oily it clears it right up and lasts for hours. If you want to get all crystal clean. I have included links below. Pacifica is currently out of stock but you can put in an alert for when it comes back in. Ulta does have it for $12 and they are currently running a BOGO 50% for  Pacifica items.

Buy Gem Water from Pacifica. 

Buy Gem Water from Ulta.

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