Crystal Youth Face Lotion

I’m finishing out this week with my Favorite of all the Gem Infused skin care product that Pacifica has to offer. I love a  good lotion so one that has crystal powers is, of course, going to be my product of the week.


I love lotion so much, so when I saw this one I jumped on it. This was actually the first product I  saw and put in my cart. The packaging on this one is still perfect with the theme of the collection. They are really killing it on that part of it.

This is a light formula that it’s overly thick but isn’t thin or watery either. It’s honestly that happy medium of the in-between that works perfectly. I use it after using the gem water to clean up that excess dirt or whatever may be there. I only use a  small amount to cover my face and sometimes my neck. It leaves me with soft glowy skin. I do this before I got to sleep and I’ve had a very little issue with waking up to an oily face. There are some face lotion that if you use before bed you wake up like a  grease trap. Plus the little extra of the gem infused gives it that slight sparkle to make your skin glow.

The description on the brands’ website was legit so perfect for this product that I  decided to include it, ” Show your glow and live your magical life with good skin. Superpower rose quartz, watermelon and turmeric unite with peptides in this light lotion designed to deeply hydrate and promote your radiance.”  It really accurate with this one. Also as with the rest of the collection, this one contains those  3 ingredients of watermelon, lemongrass, and rose quartz. However, this one contains turmeric as well to kick it up a notch higher.

I really love this one and will be trying more of their face lotions. This bottle isn’t the biggest but it does last a good while. They sell for $14 a piece. Ulta is still having the  BOGO sale so you will be able to stock up right now. As always I have included the links to purchase below.

Buy Crystal Youth Face Lotion from Pacifica.

Buy Crystal Youth Face Lotion from Ulta.

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