Last day of my 20s

I’ve been having a hard time in the past few weeks due to the fact I will be 30 tomorrow.

I feel like I should have accomplished more things than I should have. Also that I have just wasted it all. That’s partly true. I feel like I could have done more or done some things sooner, lost some more weight, and blah blah blah, but that’s not how life works.

I decided to start this blog last year after years of wanting to. I’m grateful for finally being able to do so.

I’m currently in the progress of converting my website over to a new platform. I started bringing over my post yesterday and came across the 1st actually post with meaning, not just some random intro to what I would be doing with this blog. It was a picture of a Sephora Play! bag that I had frame since I was so in love with it. I felt inspired to do something and went and got said image tattooed.

Since I’m Makeup obsessed and lipstick addicted. It seemed fitting and perfect for my last rebellious act of my 20s. I say rebellious but this makes my 12th tattoo and I have like 10 piercing. My whole 20s where and experimentally period to see what I liked and who is was.

Now that I have that shit figured out here is to my 30s. Wish me Luck. I will probably be a drunken crying mess tomorrow but I will get over it.

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