Black Crystals Mascara

This was the one product that I really wanted when I found the collection and it was forever sold out. I happened upon Ulta a couple weeks ago and boom there it was so I snatched it up.


The box sticks with the crystal everywhere theme and it’s still perfection.


The name of the mascara color is black beauty, which is exactly what it is.


This one has a great spoolie that isn’t flimsy. It’s small enough with the bristles that it gives you complete coverage without clumping. This formula is supercharged with Quartz power and uses mica to add dimension. It also included Vitamin B and coconut oil to help nourish your lashes. This formula is vegan perfection basically.

I have used it with and without a lash primer and it works just as well. The only suggestion I would say if you don’t use primer you will have to add an extra coat of the mascara to get the full volume.  I tried to get a good picture using this product and none of them turned out well enough to where you could see it. If you want a simple mascara that goes on smooth and gives you killer lash then this one is it.

These are  $14 a piece, as always I have included links to purchase below.

Buy Black Crystal Mascara from Pacificia.

Buy Black Crystals Mascara from Ulta.

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