Crystal Power Hydro Mist

This was another product that I jumped on when I saw it. I love being at to have something to spray on my brush or sponge to do my foundation and concealer. This one I’m pretty obsessed with so I’ve decided to make it my product of the week to close out these 2 weeks.

This is a Hydro mist that says it’s for your skin & soul. Well ok, I’m sold there, both need some extra glowing. The bottle is the holographic gem rainbow that represents this collection perfectly.

This spray is pretty perfect. It’s not really a setting spray so it doesn’t have that hold property to it. It’s a simple spray to add hydration and glow into your look.  I have used this one on my foundation brush and my blender to help apply foundation. I also use it on my blender to help set in my concealer.  All you really need is one spray for it to work, Depending on what you are doing or how much product you have to dab in you may need a second spray.  I have used this stuff every time I’ve done my makeup for the past couple months and I’m still not even half of the way through it if that tells you anything.


As with the Gem Water, I was stoked when I heard this bottle make noise cause it has the Rose Quartz in it. This one also includes the watermelon and lemongrass as the rest of the collection does plus the added Aloe to help hydrate your skin. It really does all those things. I was using it the other day to spray and cool myself off it was so hot in my office.  Seriously this stuff is amazing. I highly recommend you grab a  bottle of it.  Plus it’s only $10 a bottle which is a steal for what you get out of it. Also, Ulta is still having their BOGO sale for the brand so you can really stock up. As always the links are included below.

Do any of you have a favorite mist you use for your makeup? Let me know I would love to try it.

Buy Crystal Power Hydro Mist from Pacifica.

Buy Crystal Power Hydro Mist on Ulta.

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