June Ipsy Glam Bag.

I’m starting off the last week of this month with my Subscription plan. I think I may start just finishing out each month with them. The first one I got was Ipsy which always seems to come before my Play! box.

This month’s theme was  Flying Colors which the card its self will tell you why since it’s  Pride month. They chose 7  of their LGBTQ Creators to showcase this month. I really do like the fact that. However, every company kind of does the same thing for the month of June. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that just that why not do it all the time.


The bag is simple 3 colors in the pink/red family.  I love pink so I dig it. Since they did go with a pride theme for this month I thought it was a little strange they didn’t go that way with the bag too. However, that also would have been overkill so it works.

This is a Mintpear Rounded Soft Blend M64 Brush. I have never heard of the brand but I really dig the name. It’s a weird one so it sticks out and is rememberable. This is a soft Fluffy brush, which I adore. I hate getting stiff ones that are better off in the trash. I like to use this one to set my face or clean up before doing my setting spray. It really works perfectly and holds product so that you don’t have to keep dipping it in the powder. I really like it and will be looking into investing in these.


This one is by Feel, which is a brand I’ve not heard of. This one is an anywhere balm, which the thought of it is quite exciting. Just think about it 1 balm that can be used to moisturize everything from your lips to your elbow. In theory, it’s amazing in practice it’s a  little weird. I have used it on my lips and it’s a little rough. Almost works like a bit of a scrub. It’s a little greasy for my liking so it’s weird to use. It does moisture you do get that by just using a little. It’s a hit and miss for me. I may have to play around with it some more to see how the best way to use it is. The grease effect just kills it for me though.


I have recently been looking into trying various MAC products. I got a lipstick last year and fell in love. I just got one of their mini-setting spray that I love as well a couple weeks ago. So imagine how excited I was to get another product to try out. This is a lightweight gel lotion that preps and primer your skin before makeup. I only had to use a  little to cover my face and it does leave me with this lovely glow. The formula has a little of what appears to be glitter powder in it to give you that extra glow. I try this one as just a moisturizer and let it set for a couple hours and it made my skin so soft. Later I apply some foundation and then powder and I didn’t get any creasing or clumping. I’m really pleased with this one and it’s just another reason I need to invest in more MAC.

This was the  1st one that I tried out of the 2 and it straight smells like apples. It’s not overpowering so it’s really quite lovely. This one is pretty simple sheet mask. It goes on without issue and it actually fit my face which is a  weird problem I’ve had with some of the masks.  I left this one on for about 20 mins after doing microdermabrasion.  I took it off and massages it in some, then let it soak into my skin. It does leave your skin glowing and hydrated. I really enjoyed this one.  The only thing that gets me is that the instructions are in what looks like Chinese. Also, the shape of this one threw me off cause I thought it was 2 different brands.

This one is the same as the Apple one. It has the slight smell of berries. These both fit on my face perfectly and left me feeling hydrated and glowy afterward. I really do enjoy these mask but I don’t know if I would buy them since I like to be able to read instruction and I can’t with these. They are a good mask and I do trust Ipsy in their decision to put them in there but still, it’s just a weird to me. It may because I only get that when I order stuff from eBay or wish.

This is a brand that I have never heard of. It’s a lipstick so of course I was excited about it. Plus the name intrigues me for some reason, not sure why it makes me want to find out more about this Ferdinand.

This color is Flaming Fuchsia which is basically just the same color as the Glam Bag which I dig. I love pink so I will take it in any shade. I was also impressed that this tiny lipstick also had an engraving in it. Most mini lipsticks don’t bother to since its so tiny, it may be where it’s on the top of it and not the side of it.  This one goes on smooth and last a couple hours. It is also a stunning color that works perfectly on my pale skin. Finally, it doesn’t dry my lip out. I’m quite pleased with it and will be looking into this brand more.

I’m really pleased with this month. The picks are amazing and nothing was completely terrible. I have gotten at least one product I just didn’t care for the past few months. This one the products are all pretty on point. I’m really happy and hope this pattern continues from here.

As always if you are interested in signing up I included the link below.

Sign up for Ipsy!



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