June Play! by Sephora.

My Sephora box came at the end of last week so I luckily I had time to fully test out all the products.


This month’s theme is actually pretty perfect for summer.

thumbnail_IMG_4585Welcome to the Beauty Boardwalk, which is really quite clever. They decided to go with this and give you full experience with the items that go with the theme.


This bag is adorable. I love the neon sign vibe of it. Plus it’s been nothing but Hot Hot Hot recently so it sums up this month perfectly.

I literally just bought a  full size of this in my birthday order. I’m already obsessed with it. This stuff is literally probably the greatest mascara I have ever tried.  I will be doing a full review on this soon. I will tell you that this mini version is amazing. It’s lighter than the full size and now I have a smaller one to toss in my makeup bag.



I’m pretty big on Clinique. This one is a light cleansing formula that takes off your makeup with ease. I use a cotton swap with not a lot of the product and it takes off makeup with little left behind. It’s not so harsh that it makes my face feel dried out. If you need a good makeup remover this one is a nice one to have.



I was a little upset about this one. Only because it came in another bag a  few months ago. This is an Amazing product that I really dig but I literally haven’t finished the other bottle I have.  If your hair needs a little extra volume then this stuff is what you need. I like to use it after I have washed my hair, I will braid it then use this. I sleep on it then in the morning I will unbraid my hair and I have this luscious hair for days. Also, it doesn’t smell terrible and a little goes a long way. Which is why I’m a little upset I got it again since I still have an almost full bottle.


This one almost disappointed me cause I thought it was another product I had gotten a  few months ago. One I actually keep on my desk when I need a quick moisturizer at work. Thankful it was just the same brand but a different product. This one is an Aqua Bomb and I kinda love it. This one is not too heavy and goes on with just a  few dabs. I have been using it after my toner before bed. I  wake up with moisturized skin and no greasy feeling. I  dig it and will be buying more of it.


I was actually just looking into buying a designer perfume and Prada was one I looked at.  I really dig the pastel colors of the package. I don’t know why but it’s just pleasing to me.


This is Sugar Pop, which really that name alone peaks my interest. This one is a  warm sweet scent. It’s not overly sweet that it makes you sick, but just enough to get the name of the product across. It’s a got a light floral scent to it that is just lovely. I really like this one and I may invest in a big bottle. I am still looking around for a fancy scent and this one is in the running.



Too Faced has always been a bit of a hit and miss for me. This one is amazing. I have tried the Melted Latex and they are a little too glossy for me.  This one is perfection. Also, these Tubes are just stunning. I like a good lipstick packaging.


This color is stunning. It’s actually a darker nude, that goes on in perfection. It doesn’t dry out my lips and last for hours.  I really love it.


I have worn it a couple time and it always looks so stunning against my pale skin as you can see above here. I will be checking this one out and look into what other shades I can get.


I’m really pleased with my box this month. Even though I did get a duplicated at least it wasn’t a product that I completely hated. Also, I did get a few new ones that I wanted to try. Honestly, it worked out and  I can’t be mad at it.

What did you all get? Anything you fell in love with?

As always if you don’t subscription and are interested I have included a  link below.

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