Bite Beauty Birthday Set

Every year Sephora offers a birthday gift to their customers. There is usually 2 that you can choose from. This year there was  3. This one I’m about to review, A Glam Glow Set, and a Bumble & Bumble set. It was a hard chosen since I do enjoy all 3 brands but Bite ultimately was the best choice for me.


The set includes 4 products total. A Lipstick and a Lip Crayon that is in the same color family. Also a Lip Balm and Lip Scrub from their Agave collection.


I always adore the messages they put on the birthday gifts. They are always something cute.



The dark one on the left in the 1st picture is the Agave Sugar Lip Scrub. It’s a  light scrub that is not too overly harsh on your lips. It is really just enough to buff your lips and it leaves behind a sort of lip balm to help moisturize. It really reminds me of some type of honey candy in taste and smell. I really dig it, cause it gets the job done without being too much.

The lighter of the  2 is the Agave Lip Balm, which is a solid balm and not at all glossy. This one is a simple formula that goes on smooth and helps moisturize your lips.  You don’t have to apply a lot of it to get the full effect. There is something about this one that I can’t explain it. I can use it over an hour ago and my lips still don’t dry out. I’m one of those people who is constantly applying some type of balm to my lips so it’s nice to come across one that lasts a good while.



This one is a Matte Creme Lip Crayon, or as I call it a big lip liner. This one is in the color Glace, which is like a dusty rose color.  Actually, when I  wear it looks like a  brownish grey which is actually quite lovely. Let me start off by saying the quality of lip liners these days is incredible. Seriously they are basically a lipstick and I love it.  This one is easy to use a crayon that goes on super smooth. Honestly, the lip crayon works better than any lip liner. I find the liners don’t work as smooth and break more often than these. This one is perfect to outline then fill in your lips. This is probably the 2 or 3rd one of these I have tired with Bite and they all have that extra moisture in them.  It lasts a  good while with the color and also doesn’t’ dry out your lips.



Ever since the 1st time I tired a  Bite Mini Lipstick in a Play box I have been in love with them.  I think that’s the main reason I picked this gift over the others. This is one of their Amuse Bouche Lipstick in the color Chai, which is a  brownish red. It reads as a nude reddish brown on my skin tone. This one also packs a punch to keep your lips hydrated so you go for hours without reapplying or having dry lips.

I’m really quite in love with Bite. Seriously I have never gotten a  bad product from them. Everything I try is always better than the rest so why wouldn’t I be. All 4 of these products in this set were perfection and I will probably use them all to death.

Anyone else gets this set or either of the other ones? I would love to hear about it.  If you haven’t or want more information on the Sephora sets I have included the link below.

Check out the 2018 Sephora Birthday Gift

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