Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System

This weeks product of the week is one that I have been holding on to for months. I got this amazing thing on Christmas from my stepson’s Grandmother simple because she knows I’m a beauty obsessed girl. I had never tried one but had been looking into it so this was a pretty wonderful gift.


This set includes

  • Microdermabrasion Applicator
  • One-Month Supply of Rejuvenating Puffs (12)
  • Attachment Head
  • AA Batteries (2)

How this thing works.

  1. You, of course, start by putting the batteries in. If you don’t know that then honestly I can’t help you.
  2. Next, you put on the attachment head, I just leave mine on I don’t take it off and put it back on unless I need to change it out.
  3. Finally, you attach one of the puffs, wet it just a  little. If you soak it you will have the product running down your face and in your eyes, which is terrible and burns.

This Applicator has 2 settings, a low vibration and then a higher one. I like to start with the low setting as like a prep for my face then do a once over on the high setting. I feel like it is what works best for me. The instruction says to do it for  2 mins but I always do it a little longer, not so much it’s damaging though. I love having a good face scrub so this is a dream for me.


You can buy refilling puffs about anywhere. I got these off  Amazon for around $11. These are apparently a 2 month supply. I use my system maybe twice a  week and I still have plenty so that depends on how often you use it. They included the same instruction that I provided above.


You have supposed to you it  3  times a  week like I said I really only find myself doing it twice. I also wanted to include the Dermatologist study info that was on the side. I know it’s something I like to read when I  buy a skincare product so I figured someone else would too.


The refill puffa comes with 2 containers of 12 pads and a replacement of the head you apply them to. Which I haven’t changed mine out yet but It does get a little fuzzy when you pull the puff off where it’s like a velcro effect.


The head attachment is a circle that just clips on there for the purpose of holding the puffs. If you look at it close you can see the grooves on it that help hold it on there while you are using it.  Also please make sure you store it somewhere it won’t get gross I got this one stuck to the blanket I’m using as a  backdrop as you can see. The only time I have had any issues was when the puff fell off. I used to much water and try to shake off excess causing the puff to fall off.

I’m pretty in love with this thing. It’s a  delight to have a nice detoxing face scrub when you feel a  little gross. This is literally a dream. I like to do it before I do a  face mask just to kind of clean it all up and prep my face.  This thing is amazing and I really don’t know how I went this long without something like this.

I have looked and researched this one you can get it a couple of different places online for anywhere around $16 to $25. I have included some link below if you are interested.

Buy it from Neutrogena. It’s $22.99

The Refills from Neutrogena is $14.99

Buy it from Ulta at $22.99

The Refills are $13.99 and they are part of a buy 2 get one 1 free sale.

Amazon has a listing for the whole set and the refills. They are selling the Set for  $16.99 and the refills for $11.99 which you can sign up for a subscribe and save.


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