UDxKristen Leanne Vice Lipstick

I found this collection on sale at Sephora and loved the look and feel of it so I decided to get it.  I will be honest with you. I hadn’t heard of Kristen Leanne before this. I like watching videos of people doing their makeup, but I’m not one to watch it on  YouTube on anything. I really need to though so I can expand my horizon.  This week I will be reviewing this collection starting with these Vice Lipsticks.


These boxes are this iridescent hot pink that is just stunning.


The inside of the boxes is this mint green background with pink floral that is just a  lovely little touch to the whole thing.


I got 2 of the colors that they had.  The collection featured 3 vice lipstick and a liquid Vice.


The tubes are the same color pink and made with the light metal that most of UD lipsticks are made of.  It’s one of the things I dig about their lipsticks cause it makes them more lightweight.


This one is  Spellbound which is a deep plum color.


This one goes on almost black on my skin, but it really makes a statement and can bring a dark look together.


This one is  Cloud9 which it a lovely dark mauve color with some slight sparkle to it.


It works perfectly with my skin tone. I find it works well on me even though it does come off as more of a purple.


I mixed them together as well to create this lovely color. It’s always a  plus when you can mix colors some don’t work but this 2 do perfectly.

I really dig both of these. They are on the dark side which works to give your lips that pop. They both go on smooth and can last for hours. I like to use them with a lip brush so I can really contour my lips. These colors are stunning and are so rich you don’t have to cake it on to get the full effect. This formula is so great and doesn’t dry out my lips.

If you are looking for a highly pigmented lipstick that lasts a good while then grab one of these.  These are no longer available online but you may be able to find the collection in a Sephora or  Ulta store.

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