UDxKristen Leanne Beauty Beam Palette

Here is the 2nd part of this collection review.  The Beauty Beam Highlighter. Cause honestly every collection needs a  good highlighter.


The outer packaging sticks to the pink theme which it almost a clear box so you can see the palette. The back gives you some info about how much Kristen loves a good highlighter, which really don’t we all. It’s a nice little intro to the product.


The actual palette is this lovely pattern with the pink metallic lines. I think it works nicely for the fact that it is a highlighter.


The Palette comes with 3 shades a Dark, a Light and, a Medium. The inside of this palette with the water drop effect is quite lovely. Also, check out the mirror. I really dig the Stay Gold in the corner.


The top one is the darkest one which comes off as orangey gold on my skin.

The middle is the lightest shade which appears as a white gold on me.

The bottom is the medium shade is a gold on my skin.

I really dig this highlighter. It’s a  simple set that not to much overkill. Honestly, some highlighter gives you like 6  shades and a half you don’t use. This one is various shades of the same gold so it works well together. I have used them separately and all together to get a complete and stunning glow.

I tried to get a good picture where you could really see the glow this stuff packs.

This one is not available online unless you find it on Amazon or eBay. You also may be able to find one in a Sephora or Ulta store.

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