UDxKristen Leanne Kaleidoscope Dream Palette

I’m closing out this week with my favorite of the collection. The  Kaleidoscope Dream Palette. This one is my product of the week.


The packaging still sticks with the pink theme except this one gives the kinda of marble effect. The outside package is this clear hot pink so that you can see the actual palette thru it.


The inside is the grey which is a big contrast to the pink. The Mirror features the  Stay Gold in the corner again.  The colors are gorgeous and the layout of the palette is unique. I’ve never seen one that seems to have a  random layout like this one. I’m sure there is a  reason why but I just not sure what it would be. I dig it though I really do. The one that gets me is the  Green cause it just kind of randomly placed and doesn’t seem to be paired with anything.


I’m going to break down the gorgeous array of shades featured in this one.

Spitfire-Hot Pink Iridescent shimmer

Stay Gold– This is the most stunning Metallic Glitter Gold I have ever seen. Also, I’m so glad she named is Stay Gold since it’s feature on both this and the highlighter palette mirrors.

Tajin- Matte Burnt orange which I kind of dig even though I really don’t care for the color orange at all.

LCW– light Royal blue shimmer.

TRM– Navy blue that is almost a  matte glitter.

Leo– Iridescent  Ice blue shimmer.

Brixton-Pearly whit iridescent  Shimmer.

Lime Time- Shimmery Matte lime green.

13th Floor–  Matte black and the name is perfect.

Dye–  Royal Purple Matte with some shimmer.

Corona– Rose Gold Glitter.

I don’t know how these shades can be both Matte and Shimmer but they are and I’m super impressed with them.

I have created a bunch of looks with this one since it has become one of my favorite palettes since the colors are just so vibrant.


This one I used all the blues. It was literally so hot that I wanted to try and create an icy look in an attempt to cool off. I went overboard but I really dig it.

This has to be my favorite look I’ve ever done. It just so delicate and romantic. I used the orange as a  base then topped it with the black and a  mix of the gold and rose gold.

I really dig this duel circle one of the blue and white.  I used it with hints of the other blues.

This palette makes me want to use all the colors in some way or another.

And finally, here I have used about all the colors again just in a  different pattern.

I am pretty obsessed with this palette.  The colors in it are so Rich with that extra glimmer to them. It really is perfect if you are into colors, which is the primary reason that I bought it. I took a chance on this one simply because it was Urban Decay and I was not disappointed.  I haven’t been able to find this one online anymore unless you look on Amazon or maybe eBay but those can be sketchy. As with the rest of the collection, you may be able to grab on in an Ulta or Sephora Store.



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