EOS Active.

I know I talk a lot about EOS. I’m obsessed. They are my go-to lip balm so I have to try them all. This one I bought cause I hadn’t tried it. thumbnail_IMG_4090

This is an EOS packed with Aloe Vera to protect, soften and hydrate your lips during your active lifestyle. It also includes SPF 30 Sunscreen to add extra protection if you are outside a lot. Which is actually quite great cause If you have ever had sunburn lips then you know how bad that sucks. I wish I would have had this stuff at outdoor music festivals when the sun is my pale skin’s worst nightmare.

It goes on smooth which I was worried about cause Aloe Vera can sometimes be weird. I will tell you that you can literally smell it in it. Which it is kind of strange but it’s not bad. This one is actually quite great if you need a little extra to hydrate your lips.

I got this one in an Ulta store, but It’s also on the EOS website. They are $3.29 a pop. The link is below.

Buy EOS Active from EOS.

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