Milk Blur Stick.

This is a  product that I have wanted to try since I first saw it.  A full size is $36 so I didn’t want to blow it on that if it wasn’t worth it. They just recently came out with a mini for $12 so I snatch one up.

All of Milk’s Highlighter, Blushes and Blur Sticks are in this little tube which is quite perfect. They are simple to use and I think these are a better way to make sure you get all the product. I say that cause you can screw them out all the way and them scoop out what is left over.


This is a  smooth matte formula that goes on with ease. You can literally just run it all over your face quickly. I like to take my hands after and kind of even it out. I will let it sit for a few minutes and just soak into my face. This stuff leaves your face smooth and silky which is perfect for a primer.  The whole point of it is to blur out your imperfections and it does just that.

Milk is one company that likes to make their products to benefit your skin. Which this one is a Silicone-free Blur Stick so more important than minimizing your pores and fine lines to create an invisible matte finish on every skin tone. It’s a silicone-free and oil-free formula won’t clog pores which is a dream since most primer sometimes leave your face heavy. When your face is already heavy piling more makeup on that is a terrible thing to do.

I really dig this one and will be purchase a full size. If you are interested in grabbing one I have included links below.

Buy Blur Stick from Sephora.

Buy Blur Stick from Milk Makeup.

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