July Ipsy Glam Bag.

We are upon the last full week of July. Where has the year gone? I’m starting it off with my  Ipsy bag review.

This Month’s theme is a  lazy pool day. That the best I can get out of the card it’s really not clear. I like the mystery though.


This bag is amazing. It’s an Ice Blue holographic material and I adore it.


This is Z Skin which is an Acne Spot treatment. I have never heard of the brand and was a little concerned about if this was legit. I have tried it for the past couple days after washing my face and its actually kind of great.  I had a couple problem area on my face which I’ve dabbed this stuff on them. I have seen a big improvement in the past couple days. I had a lot of redness and raised acne and it’s decreased a lot over the past few days. At this point it barely noticeable. I will totally be buying some more of this after I finish up this tube.


This month they included a duplicate of the same sheet mask. It’s a  Caffeine Rush Nourishing Mask. There is a faint smell of coffee to it and it’s not a weird shape so that it doesn’t fit my face so I was pleased by that alone.  I left the mask on for  20 mins and could literally feel my face waking up.  Once I took it off I let my face soak in all the sheet mask goodness. It did leave me feeling a little sticky afterward, which I eventually just washes off in the shower. It’s a good mask but not one I would buy myself.

l  was super excited when I pulled this one out of the bag cause it was a  black eyeshadow. The one in the preview was a tan color so I just assumed I was going to get that one.  I have gotten a shadow by this brand before and it really good quality.  This one is not to overly dark unless you really layer it up. I have been using it as a crease which its perfect for blending and mixing with other shades.  Plus that glitter in it is stunning. I really need to invest in more of this brand.

This is a  brand I haven’t heard of before. It’s Mellow and I really dig it. This one is a  full sized lipstick which I’ve never really gotten in a bag before.  The color is called Candy Floss and it’s this gorgeous bright hot pink.

This one goes on smooth and it so highly pigmented. It really goes well again my paleness which sometimes bright colors don’t. It also lasts for hours. I have been kinda obsessed with it and wearing it just at random. It takes forever to fade and if you wipe it off it leaves behind a stain of the color. I really dig this one cause it’s basically a 2 in 1. Also, the logo carved into the side of it is just pleasing to me.

Every few months I get a  liner and it’s usually a  black sometimes a  rogue blue. When I realized this one was a green I was quite stocked. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a  green eyeliner. This is by a  brand called Sugar and it’s lovely. The color is this dark forest green and it goes on smooth without having to melt it. There are very few liners I have found these days that just go on without any issues. I really dig this one and will be looking more into the brand.

I’m really happy with this month’s bag. It had stuff I haven’t tried before and I liked all the products. Seriously that never happens I usually get something I have gotten before or something that just doesn’t work for me.  I guess my reviews on the ipsy app are paying off, but we will see next month.

If you don’t get a  bag I have included a link below.


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