July Play! by Sephora

I always get my  Play!  box like a  week after my Ipsy. They ship at the same time. I just don’t get it.


This Month’s Theme is More of the  Good Stuff.


I like the booklet they put in this one it gives you the rundown of all the good stuff like a  juice bar.


This month’s bag is just a plain Play! bag, nothing too fancy.  Mine has a  stain on it that I’m not sure I did or it came that way.



This is a Drunk Elephant face cream and my god it’s lovely. It’s a  light formula that you only need to use a  few dabs on your skin get complete coverage. It doesn’t leave my skin heavy and I don’t wake up feeling greasy.  I really dig this little cream and I really need to invest more in this brand. Everything I’ve tried is amazing.



I love Tarte that’s no secret. This is one of their Color Splash Lipstick from the Rainforest of the Sea Collections. This is a  nude that it a shade darker than my actual lips. It’s a smooth formula that leaves your lips feeling silky.  This is simple and doesn’t dry out my lips. I really prefer pigment that shows well against my skin but this one is nice if you just need something quick.  This is one that I would buy just in a  different shade.


Yes, I got another Tarte product in this one. This is actually a blush I have I  got it in my birthday gift from Sephora last year.  Its dark enough to work as a  contour on m but pink enough to be a blush too. I use it all the time and can see the bottom of the tin at this point. I pretty glad I got this one since now I don’t have to buy another one and these things last me forever.  These may be my favorite blush.



I got 3 Tarte products,  yes this was a  damn good box for me.  This one is a  Deep Dive Makeup removing Gel. I have this one in a set I got with a scrubber. I dig this face wash so much. It’s a light gel that you only have to use a little plus some water to get a  good lather going. It leaves my skin feeling completely cleansed. I highly suggest grabbing this one. There is a  3 piece set that can be found in Sephora store. I will be doing a review on it soon.



I’m pretty sure I have gotten this one before. It’s a Volumizing spray that you use on wet hair so that when it dries you get that extra body to it.  I like to use it and then braid my hair and let it air dry. It has an insane effect just doing that so I can only imagine what would happen if  I was to blow dry it. My hair is a chaotic mess as it is so I’m just not gonna even bother. If you are looking for something to give your hair that little extra you need then give this a try.


This was the bonus product of the month. I’m a huge fan of Boscia and their face mask in general. This one is a thick green mask, I only had to use half of it to cover my face so I got 2 uses out of it.  I left it on for a little over  20 mins. It doesn’t have a  smell to it which I was excited about since most green mask I try do. I took a  warm washcloth to wipe it off and it left my face feeling clean with a slight glow. After about  20 or  30 mins of using it my face was soft and smooth. I really enjoyed this one and will most likely be purchasing it.


I was really pleased with this box. All the products I got were ones that I hadn’t tried or that I had a loved so I can’t really be disappointed in that. It’s better to get something I know I like than something I don’t and plain hate. I do wish I would stop getting hair product repeats because I never get through with those before I get a new one.

What did you all get?

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