Sephora has been doing these luxe Play! boxes for a while now. I’ve been able to grab a  couple and they do sell out quickly. This one is sadly already out of stock and no longer available on the site. However, the products are so that why I wanted to take the time to review them.


Instead of a  normal box, this one came in a frosted clear plastic play bag.

The bag is a  rose gold folding bag. It’s got pockets on the fold out and then a big pocket on the inside.  You wrap it closed with the long tie.

The Deluxe Play!  boxes always have these cards in them. Which I dig cause they always make nice decorations if you frame them. This card says Vol.1  so I don’t know if that means there will be more Volumes or if Sephora is starting up something else.


This light little eye cream is delightful. It’s not so thick that it leaves your under eyes feeling heavy but just enough to be effective. After it soakes in my eye bags are soft with a little glow. I still have giant bags but that’s from lack of sleep. This does help a little and prep my face for makeup so I can cover them up. Also, this formula has a light rose smells to it that is just lovely to use.


I have gotten several products from this brand over the years from  Sephora boxes.  It always faces products that are a little strange at first. They always seem to make my face a little hot, but not in a bad way. After about 10 minutes and it soaks in your skin is left smooth. I like the products but they aren’t ones that I would buy since I have skin products that work better with my skin. If you are looking for a new face cream this one is a nice formula.


This is a light liquid base, most makeup primers are creams so I was surprised this one wasn’t.  It actually makes it easier to apply and you don’t have to use as much. I can take one full squirt of this and it covers my whole face. The formula absorbs quickly and leaves my skin smooth and ready for makeup. This one also has little gold flakes in it so it gives you that little extra hint of glow. It’s not a lot but just enough. I really dig this one and will probably use it to death.

I love Mascara especially designer ones. They always impress me. This one is by Armani which the name of it is Eyes to Kill and I just love. I put this stuff on without a primer and it made my lashes look super long in only 2 coats. Honestly, you can tell the effect in  1 coat but I did another one just cause. That alone is just perfection. There isn’t a smell to it like some of the designer mascara have but it doesn’t smell terrible so it’s a win. The spoolie on this one is pretty amazing it’s made perfectly to make sure you get all the lashes without clumping. I really dig this one and will be buying another one once I get through this tube.

I legit love this stuff. I did a  review a view months back on a sample I got. This is a  lip gloss that turns into a lip stain. The formula is smooth and silky. It leaves your lips hydrated and with a gorgeous tint for hours. I can literally put it on and make it through dinner and drinks without leaving a stain or eating my lipstick. Seriously I love this stuff and will be investing in more shades when I can figure I which ones I want exactly.


I have gotten a  few different kinds of this perfume including Vanilla and Circus.  This one is not like any of the others.  It’s a lovely floral that’s really light and delicate. I really dig it I was a little worried at 1st cause I sprayed too much but it clear up and settled after a few minutes.  I also love the fact that this is a legit deluxe sample. It’s the size of my hand in length. I’m really impressed with it and would buy a full-size of it.


I really like this luxe play! box. It’s got all kinds of fun products that I usually wouldn’t try which is a  perk if you want to try a fancy item but it may be out of your price range. I paid $25 for this one and got products that I wouldn’t normally buy for that reason.  I work hard for my money and don’t want to blow it on a shit product based on the name of it. I did discover a few products that I would buy again with them one so I am happy I did decide to  grab this one. Sephora offers this for a limited time throughout the year maybe 2 to 3 times so keep a  lookout. I will try and post if I see one but no promises.



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