Hydrating Cloud Cream.

This is a Sample I got in a recent Sephora order. I usually forget about samples cause they get tossed to the side or forgotten in a box. They are so tiny it’s easy to just lose them. I’m trying to make sure I can keep up with them and use all the goodness they offer as soon as I get them starting with this one.

This one is from a brand called Perricone MD, which I have heard of but I have yet to try anything that I can remember.

It says at the bottom it’s a Hydrating Cloud Cream, whatever that means it intrigues me. I love moisturizers so I will try any of them that I come across. I  used this one after my shower and a rose water toner last night. It’s a light cream, not at all heavy. I actually used too much than just a little dab.  It goes on smooth and doesn’t feel like overkill when you  1st apply it. I let soak in and after 20 minutes my skin was so soft and hydrated. I would imagine it’s kinda what a cloud feels like in a way, so now I understand the name of it. When I woke up this morning my face wasn’t overly greasy, mainly only around my  T-zone which is normal. It didn’t make me feel so greasy that I needed to wash my face or anything.

I like this little cloud cream, it’s not bad. Would I  buy it normal? Honestly probably not because it does still leave me a little greasy and the fact it’s $80 for a 50ml jar. It’s just not worth it to me. If you want to try it out they do offer these in Sephora order samples and I have included a  link below.

Buy H2 Elemental Energy from Sephora.

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