Simpler Wines

I came across this one while on vacation in  June in Asheville, NC.  I love wine and I  like canned beverages so of course, I  brought one to try.  I ended up bringing it back home and stuck it in it the fridge and forgot about it. I came across it while working on posts and decided to review it.

I  brought this cause it was pink and was Rose. Those are literally the two things I look for in a wine or a champagne.  This stuff is pretty amazing. It’s really an elegant beverage with mineral notes and red fruit flavors.  It’s got a slightly sweet smell to it. The taste is not so overly red that it’s sour, which I love.   This one is more on the champagne side of things and I dig it.  img_5625.jpg

The perks of canned wine you ask?

  • You can put your favorite koozie to good use.
  • Less wasting of a full bottle that goes flat or stale.
  • Aluminum cans are lightweight, portable and cost less to ship.
  • They’re easier to recycle than glass.

This tiny can is 12oz can and 12.5% alcohol which is better than more normal bullshit beers. This is made and sold by Trader Joe’s. You can get them in singles and  4 packs. We paid like $1 for one and a 4 pack is $3.99

Find out more about Simpler Wines.

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