Dior Backstage Foundation

This is a  foundation that just came out in June. I  was able to score a  sample of it in a Sephora order. There was so much talk about it I just had to give it a try.


I really liked the silver box for some reason.


It’s a  tiny version of the full size.


This shade is  1 N which is 1 Neutral, it is one of the lighter shade but not the lightest.


The shade seems a little dark compared to my skin tone but it blends in nicely. The applicator is plastic so it doesn’t hold product like some do and I actually quite like it.

This is a matte foundation that provides medium coverage for all skin types. Which you would think a medium coverage isn’t a lot. The perks of this one are that it provides a natural finish but also offers a buildable coverage that’s waterproof and sweat-resistant. That alone is enough coverage that you can have your base coverage and then add on more coverage without weighing down your face.

This is actually called Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation which has become the Dior makeup artists’ secret weapon. This stuff helps create a flawless, runway-ready complexion for not only your face but your body. Like I stated previously it’s a waterproof formula so that it basically fuses with skin so that it can last through workout sessions, any type of water, high temperatures and humid environments.  To top it off this one is available in 40 shades, which is Dior’s largest foundation range ever. I feel like since Fenty came out with their foundation for all skin tones that more brands have been upping their game and doing the same.

While researching this one I did read about one makeup artist having to do runway or photo shoot make up was carrying several types of shade so that she could mix them to get the right shade for the models. This one is just a dream since it comes in so many shades that they don’t have to carry as much just to take care of one model for a shoot or a show.

“A collection of makeup artist essentials, designed to suit all skin tones, used at the Dior runway shows, and inspired by the energy backstage.”This is the description of this line on their website I wanted to include cause it is really just perfect.

This formula is really light and goes on smooth. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling weight down which is a major plus. Some foundations are honestly too much and leave me feeling greasy and eventually cakey. Also, it has a  lovely almost floral scent to it which really just makes better to use.



Let me break down this process the best I can.

Left– Just the foundation dabbed on half of my face. You can see how close it is to my actual skin color.

Middle– Foundation applied with my beauty blender to only the left side of my face. I did this so you can see just how the coverage is. It’s just enough to give you that flawless look to look like it’s your natural look.

Right– is the full foundation and concealer applied, So you can see how you can build add onto it without it being cakey.

Complete look, no filter just natural light. You can see how well it works as a medium coverage that you can add on to so that you can get the full coverage without it being complete overkill. Honestly, I’m really pleased with this foundation. It does everything you would want a foundation to do. Especially, if you are like me and feel like you wear a lot of makeup sometimes.

This one is $40 for a full size and they have a find your shade chart available. You just gotta find the model with your skin tone.  As always I have included links to purchase below.

Buy Backstage Foundation from Dior.

Buy Dior Backstage Foundation from Sephora.

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