Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation

My 2nd unreviewed product was the other version of the Shape Tape foundation that came out.  This is the Hydrating foundation designed to make your skin look dewy, healthy and most importantly flawless while never greasy or cakey. This one is actually my favorite of the 2. Which surprised me cause at 1st I was all about the Matte but the more I used this one then more I loved it.


The same simple purple box which I dig.


This one is designed just like the other one. Honestly, it would have just been silly not to. I really do love the fact they just make them look like giant Shape Tapes.


I got this one in  Porcelain since it’s the one that appeared to be closest to my skin tone.


I swatched it on my arm so of course, it appears a lot lighter there. Honestly, it may be a little bit to light for me.

The Benefits of this one:

  • Buildable coverage with luminous finish
  • Collagen & hyaluronic acid work to continuously hydrate, plump skin & refine pores
  • Won’t crease, cake or fade

Most Importantly it’s Tartelette Approved:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Tarte 12-hour power
  • Oil-free
  • Dermatologist tested

Unlike the Matte I  came across Consumer Panel Results for immediately after application:

  • 100% said skin felt smoother & softer
  • 91% said skin felt more hydrated
  • 91% said skin appeared brighter
  • 94% said skin tone appeared more even
  • 91% saw a reduction in the appearance of dark spots
  • 94% noticed a fresh & healthy-looking complexion
  • 94% saw fewer imperfections
  • 94% said this product felt lighter on their skin than other liquid foundation products

I had to include that just cause I’m one for statics.

This one has got more elements in the formula so it helps hydrate your skin during wear. It contains Hyaluronic Acid which is apparently a naturally-occurring ingredient in the human body that gives your skin moisture and firmness. It also contains Collagen which we all know helps plump your skin. Finally, it has Vitamin C to prevent premature signs of aging while it brightens skin. This stuff is just designed to be good for your skin.

Now as I did with the last one I’m gonna walk you through my process of applying.

Left- Bare face, I didn’t even prime. I only have my brows and eyes done.

Middle- I do dots on my face then I blend them in with my blender.  You can see how light the foundation compares to my red blotchy face.

Right- I only did half my face so you can tell just how great the coverage is.  Also, notice how well it matches the color of my neck. This shade works better for me than the Matte because of that.

Left– Full foundation. My Skin looks almost flawless.

Right– Full makeup picture was taken in natural light. Check out how flawless this stuff. No Cakey face, No Grease, It’s just perfection.

I really love this foundation. It was a pleasant surprise to me since like I said I was all about the Matte at 1st. This has become my go-to foundation in a short amount of time. This one is also $39 a bottle and comes in 25 shade. Also, they feature pictures of models wearing it so you can pick that way instead of just shade which I think works better.

Which I discovered that Sephora does not sell Shape Tape at all. It’s only with Tarte’s brand and Ulta. As always there are links below.


Buy Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation from Tarte.

Buy Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation from Ulta.

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