Be a Mermaid & Make Waves Palette

The Final product of my forgotten Tarte week is my favorite. Honestly, I’m mad at myself for forgetting cause I love this palette so much.  My Product of the week is Tarte’s Be a Mermaid & Make Waves Palette.


The box alone is just perfect, the colors and the texture pattern are on point.


The top features all the colors contained in the palette.


The total package. The Palette and the box are both a pleasant site.


Look at this thing of beauty. Shaped like a Sea Shell to complete the full mermaid vibes. Also the sea coloring of it.

This shell opens to this beautiful golden layout. The shades are in scales shapes. The mirror has 99% mermaid on it. They made everything match the theme.


An up-close look at these colors, You can see all that shine and glitter they pack. Plus like all  Tarte palette, it smells lovely.

Now let’s break down these mermaid inspired shades. *Please note these are swapped on my super pale skin so they may appear different on you than me.

Nude Beach– light golden shimmery nude

Shore Thing-  red-brown matte.

Frose– Rose gold shimmer.

Beach Please– Dark Red Shimmer

Mermosa– Dark Tan shimmer

Cavern– Brownish Pink  Shimmer

Fin-tastic- Dark Pink Shimmer

Sandbar- Matte Tan


Salt Water- a silvery rose gold shimmer

Shipwreck– Dark Red Brown Matte

Shell Yeah– Cooper Shimmer,  also gimme a Shell Yeah!

Bubbles– a light brown with a bluish purple shimmer. Literally looks like a bubble.

Splash– Turquoise with slight gold shimmer.

Lagoon– Deep Blue shimmer with silver glitter.

Here is one of the look I created with the palette. You can see how much shine you get from these colors. I have a combination of like 6. the mattes as a based then shine to top it.

The colors are so stunning and pigmented that it’s a  dream.  The names they chose are on point as well. The whole thing really gives you the whole mermaid vibes.   I  really adore this palette and I’m glad a  snagged it.

Sadly I can’t find it sold online anymore. Which it was last week, I don’t know if they will bring it back in or not. I know you can usually find them online on Amazon, maybe eBay keeps in mind they may be knockoffs. I would suggest being on the lookout in  Sephora or  Ulta stores cause they may still have them in there

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