August Ipsy 2018

I’m starting of the final week of August with my Ipsy Glam Bag review.

This months theme is all about having the tools to up your confidence level.  The Selfie with now Filter is a great theme especially if you have ever gotten the perfect selfie before you know how amazing it feels. The back of the card, however, talks mainly about skin care when there was only one product in the bag. Which did get me thinking how much I would really dig if they did a bag of only skin care products.


I don’t care for the bag. It’s Orange which I hate. The tassel is cute.

I’m really big on Ciate so I always get excited when I get one of their products in a bag. This one came in this reflective rose gold box. They always do so well with their packaging.  This one is their Glow-To Highlighter

This one is in the shade Moondust. It’s a  light rose gold shimmer packed with tiny silver glitter. It’s almost a nude color on me so it’s more of a  highlight than some that have a tint color to them which is perfection.  Please note it packs a  punch of shine so a little will go a long way. I dig this one so much.

I like Pixi it’s one I have gotten before but never really looked into fully. This one is a  Fresh Face Blush in the color BeachRose, which is a pinkish tan. It’s a lot if you aren’t careful especially if you are as pale as me.  You can manipulate it pretty well which I  really like. I honestly probably wouldn’t buy this one normally. However, It is a great product just not for me.

I have gotten Adesse in bags before  It’s always in a lovely color. Plus I always like getting nail polish. I was excited about this color New York Pink which is this strange reddish pink. It goes on smooth and you can get by with one coat depending on how thick you apply it. Once you put it on it looks amazing. After a while, it does start to chip, badly.  I have tried it with a  base and top coat, just a  top coat, I put it on my toes instead of my finger. It just chips within hours. I hadn’t done anything to really cause it too, such as washing dishes which I have a  bad habit of doing after I paint my nails. Even when I do that it doesn’t chip this bad. I just really disappointed in it cause I’ve never had this issue before. Maybe I got a  bad batch. However, I would buy one of their polishes again since this is the 1 out 4 that is bad, which isn’t bad odds.

I like the Balm. I have come across them before and never had an issue, it’s always a good quality product. This is a Foil Eyeshadow in the shade of Locked up. It can be used lightly and in excess depending on how much you wanna pack on of it. If you needed a quick highlighter it would work for it as well.  I like this Silver Shimmer shadow with tiny silver glitter. It’s simple and goes on smooth, and is easy to work with. I  really dig this one and will wear it to death.

Hey, Honey is one I’ve gotten before and just wasn’t happy with. The products are always a little strange, for me anyways. This one is a cooper like a mask. It’s pretty thick and goes on nicely, only slightly sticky which is expected with masks like this. I left it on for 10 mins and wiped it off with a wet washcloth. The mask was easy to take off, some you have to really scrub. My face was soft an little red but that may have been from the wash clothe. I like the mask but it’s not one I would buy again. That’s mainly due to my experience with the brand.

This month’s box was full of brands I was already aware of, which never happens I always get one I’ve not heard of.  I’m fairly pleased with the bag for the most part aside from the nail polish. I’m gonna try a couple other things and see if I can make it work. I got some. The rest of the bag I will use till it’s gone so I can’t really complain.

What did you all get in yours? anything you just loved?  anything you hated? Let me know stuff.

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