Shape Tape

I found another forgotten Tarte Product I use literally every day and forgot to review. Which is sad cause it’s become my go-to and favorite concealer. This is Tarte’s Shape Tape and my Product of the week.


Purple box, if you remember from the foundation they are duplicates of this just bigger.


This is actually a decent size tube of concealer and It’s got a  massive applicator. The tip is a spongy like material that allows the product to be applied easily. You don’t have to apply a lot of this to make it work for you. So light dabs or swipes are all you need to do with this wand.


I got this one on Fair Neutral. It was the closest one to my skin tone and it’s actually pretty spot on which honestly never happens so I lucked out with chosen this one.


It appears to be really light on my hand but where my face is a few shades lighter than the rest of my body it works. Also, I like my concealer to be a little lighter so I can contour my face properly. You can see how thick the stuff goes on with the wand so I suggest not pressing too hard when you use it.

Next, I’m gonna take you through the process of applying it.


I have my foundation, eyebrows, and eye makeup on. I used the Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation.


This is how I  set up my concealer. It’s what works best for me.


I have no clue why this picture is so blurry.  This is after I used my blender to dab it all in. You can still see how it covers so I left it.


The final look, I  use a setting  spray after my concealer and before applying my powder.

I really loved this concealer. I have tried a bunch of different ones over the past year with not much luck. This is the only one I have found that works best without having to use a ton of it. The powders I use don’t conflict with it and I’m not left with caking under my eyes.  Plus this one covers everything perfectly.

If you wanna grab one of these. They got for $27 and are available in 30 shades. Links below.

Buy Shape Tape from Tarte.

Buy Shape Tape from Ulta.

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