Froot Loops Doughnuts.

This week I’m starting off with something pretty rogue. These are the Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr Froot Loops Doughnuts that everyone is talking about right now. My Wife got us some so I decided why the hell does not review them.


They come in this red box that matches both the Fruit Loops and the Hardees theme.


Of course, Sam is featured on the box. I would have been disappointed if he wasn’t.


You get 5 of them. I believe the only color they left out was orange, but who the hell wants that.

They are mini doughnuts but based on the box for some reason I thought they would be slightly bigger.


I have always loved a bowl of  Froot Loops on a  Saturday morning. They have been my favorite since I was little. These legit taste like Froot Loops. They are really just jumbo-sized soft Froot Loops. They are a bit of a dream come true. I like them. I wouldn’t buy them like all the time but it’s a nice treat.

You can get these for $1.99 a  box available right now at Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr that depends on the area you are in.

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