American Horror Story.

I have a confession. I am a massive American Horror Story fan. It’s my favorite show that is currently on tv. If you don’t know it’s coming back TONIGHT for its 8th season. I’m super stoked and decided why not do a brief review of the past 7 seasons.  I am gonna do a summary with no spoilers.


The Season that started it all. Murder House which didn’t get the name Murder House till they announced the 2nd  season.  The title alone kind of tells you what it’s all about. It really sets the tone for the whole show. This one starts off with just an innocent family honestly shit doesn’t start getting weird fully till about the 3rd episode. Instantly you are drawn in and addicted trying to see what’s gonna happen next.  If you can watch this Season and not fall in love with Evan Peters then I don’t know if we can be friends  Honestly, this is probably my favorite season.


Season 2 is Asylum which takes you back in time to where it seems like everything was fixed by putting someone in a mental hospital. This one is set in the 50s and includes nuns, aliens, serial killers, and the name game.  This season was a little strange for me but it was hard to follow when Murder House was so amazing. I liked the season and it got better as it went along. It is hard to get into in the beginning but sticks with it.


Coven gives me all the feels. It’s based in New Orleans and is all about witches and magic. I always wanted to be a witch when I was a child like Matilda or The Craft. So, of course, I fell in love with the season and wanted nothing more than to be a Supreme. Plus its got Stevie Nicks in it which is just perfection. I can’t really go into many details without spoiling it too much. This one is easy to get sucked into.


Freak Show!!!!!!! Another thing I always desired to see, do or be apart of was a freak show. I was a strange child so I was always fascinated by strange things. I mean doesn’t ever kid dream of running off and joining the freak show or the circus. This season takes you into the world of what it was like to be in a freak show. Keep in mind this was set in Florida in the 50s when it wasn’t as accepted as it is now. You will find yourself falling in love with the characters as a whole. This one was really addictive and easy to get into. It was after this season that the AHS Queen Jessica Lange left. This was also the 1st season we see a connection to a  previous one in.


Hotel is a  season that is kind of all over the place but in a good way. It’s based on a hotel built by a madman where if you die there you are stuck there forever. So you get a  bit of everything out of. There are Vampires, Cops, Serial Killer family Dinner, and Lady Gaga. I really dug this season because there seemed like there was so much contained chaos in one place. You instantly get sucked into this in the  1st  episode. Honestly, I was bummed that Evan wasn’t in it as much as the last 5  season but his character is so good it works. This one has another crossover from  2 other seasons.


This one is my least favorite season. It’s weird and kinda hard to follow sometimes. This one is kinda a  reality show and for the 1st  2  episode, it’s hard to figure out whats’  real and what was a remake. It does get better as it goes but the ending was disappointing. While I  dig the idea of the season I couldn’t fulling get into it like I did the others. I will tell you to watch just in case it gets a  crossover with another season. Plus there are a couple good parts.


Last Season was addicting so much you had to follow it, like a Cult. This one is partially based on the 2016  election which depicts the insanity of Trump vs Clinton. This season was intense as a whole cause I never knew what was going to happen. You literally feel like Sarah Paulson’s character. Plus Evan Peter’s character is a psycho that you just feel guilty for being attracted to.  This one may be my  2nd  favorite cause of the chaos. Honestly, this one is so close to what is going on in today’s world it hits hard when you realize it.


The New Season is Apocalypse which is a  crossover of Murder House and Coven. I’m so excited I can barely contain it. Especially since it means Tate is coming back.

Anyone else a  fan? What’s your Favorite Season? Favorite Character? I would love to know.


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