Yes oh, Yas! September Bag.

I don’t have a  product of the week for this week. I have a couple items I’m trying now but will be doing them weeks for those so I decided to go with something new I just tried.

In the past few months, I had been contacted several times by this company on Instagram.  After doing some research I found that Yes, Oh Yas! was legit and has some pretty great reviews.  So I  decided to give them a try if only for this purpose of this blog in case anyone else had come across them.

The products came in a silver holographic bubble bag.  There was not an actual makeup bag included in it. Which honestly I kind of dig cause sometimes the bags are overkill and I never know what to do with them.


They included this adorable card in it. I  really like the unicorn.


The back of the card includes the product that you get and the price so you can get a  total of what you are getting. The Total value is $119. I  paid $17.49 for this one.  The bag is $14.99 with  $3.99 shipping, so It’s a total of  $18.89. They gave me a code that I will put at the bottom for you all.  Also, I will be checking these prices, because I can. Also including the links to the items in case you want to check the actually brand out.


The first product is this The Aesthetica Pro Series 3-Piece Eye and Brow Brush Set for $45, which includes the following.

  • Angled Eyeliner and Eyebrow Brush
  •  Fine Tipped Eyeliner Brush
  • full-length Spoolie brush.

I have never heard of this brand and it took me a min to actually find their website. The URL is  .me so  I looked into it and the brand is based out of Montenegro which is in southwest Europe.

I tried all 3  brushes. The Angeled Brush is perfect for eye makeup to get a nice line for your eyeshadow. It’s not really that good for brows. I tried to use it and I got Marx Brother brows. It was terrible. The Eyeliner brush I don’t think is stiff enough. I couldn’t get a solid line. It’s ok to do it lightly but it you can’t rush it. The Spoolie I love, It’s a pretty hard bristles one which I really dig cause I think it works better than some of the other I have tried to get my brows in order. Also, it works perfectly to de-clump my lashes. Overall I don’t care for these brushes that much. I will continue to use them and see if I can make them work for me. I wouldn’t buy them again.

Buy the 3 piece set on Aesthetica’s website.


This is a Chella Matte Lipstick Pencil in Wonderous Wine. This was the  1st time I had heard of this brand as well. Y’all know I love lip products so of course I was excited to try this. Honestly, sometimes I prefer a good lip pencil to a  lipstick just so I can get that fuller lip. This one has a plumping factor to it. I thought I was going crazy the  1st time I  tried it cause my lips were a little tingly and start to look slightly fuller. Once you put it on you get that little minty feel. This stuff goes on smoothly and perfectly. It doesn’t dry out your lips and it lasts a good while which is a huge plus for me.  Also, this color is stunning. I’m in love with these and will be looking into this brand more. On their site, this goes for $18 even though the card says $20. The brand does have another lip pencil that goes for $20  that in a box but this is the one I got so I went with that price.  They are out of the shade of this one but they do have it in the other versions of the pencil.

Buy the Chella Matte Lipstick Pencil.


Another brand I have not heard of and a lip product.  This one is from Glo by Glory’s  Glo Stix Semi- Matte Lipstick. This is a highly pigmented liquid lipstick. It is easy to apply and the applicator is kinda flat so it is actually quite perfect. I only needed one coat to make it work since it’s such good formula. It’s thick enough to only need one coat but thin enough to not fill like too much.  It does dry after a few mins and gets slightly sticky. While I dig the shade and the product it does make my lips feel a little strange after wearing it for a while.  The product does last a while and it actually kind of terrible to get off.  They do suggest exfoliating your lips before using but I don’t know if that changes anything really. I wouldn’t buy this one again just cause it doesn’t work well for me.


The color is lovely and looks good on. So if you are into a Semi-Matte lipstick that actually stays on then this one may work for you.  The price is  $18 and it comes in 4 shades.

Buy Glo Stix Semi-Matte Lipstick.

The only brand out of the 4 that I have heard of. I really dig Nake Cosmetics so I was excited when I got this.  The pictures all turned out terrible since it’s a holographic palette, all you get is rainbow. Which I Kinda dig it.

thumbnail_IMG_6568 (1)

The entire palette is like a holographic dream.  I was a little bummed it didn’t have a mirror. I just prefer palettes have a mirror.


This picture doesn’t do the palette justice but it’s the only one that would work so you can see the colors and it not be a  giant flash.

Next, I’m gonna break down the colors for this. Remember this is on my pale skin which my arm is a  little less pale than the rest of my body.


Since these shades don’t have names I’m just going to number them. There are names on the website So I am going to try and match them up.

  1. Rose Quartz- Baby Pink with gold undertones little hints of purple mixed it.
  2. Ultra-Violet– Lavender with several purple tones to it and hints of blue and pink mixed in.
  3. Opal– Rose Gold but it goes on as a bluish purple almost like a metallic silver.
  4. Emerald– Light Green that goes on more like a gold with hints of  Green.
  5. Sapphire-Baby Blue with silver glitter to give you that Icy look.
  6. Gold-Light Yellow that goes on like straight gold.

I really love this palette it’s just stunning.  The formula is so amazing and they look amazing on. I will use it til it’s all gone, actually probably overuse it and have the glow for days with it. They priced this one at $32. On naked’s site, it shows $39.99 but it’s on sale for $29.99 right now. They also have a  loose pigment version of this.

Buy Holographic Highlighter from Naked.

Honestly, I’m kind of on the fence about this one. I liked most of it but then some of it I wasn’t in to. I like the fact I got 2  lips products, even though the one didn’t work too well for me. I’m really happy about the spoolie in the brush set since I needed a new one. Actually, the full-size highlighter palette that I adore did it for me. If you think about it as a whole you get 4 full-size products which are different from the other 2 subscriptions I have that are 6 minis.  So for the price you do pay for it to get  4  full products it does even out. On top of that, the total value they give you is pretty spot on so it is a good value for it. I will try it again next month and see if it’s any better. If it ends up not working for me then I will be canceling it.

I was given a  referral link for this if you are interested in trying it out.  Also if you use the code YOY you get 10% off your 1st monthly box. All you have to do is click my link and sign up. If you do sign up please let me know what you think I would love to hear if what you got and what you think of it.

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