September Ipsy Glam bag

I’m kicking off the last week of the month with my subscriptions. Which I’m going to switch up the way I do these. I got a new on the Yes, Oh Yas! bag where I added links, prices and extra. I really put a lot into that post and decided I should do that with all my subscription bags.

This month’s Theme is all about taking control and breaking all the rules.


This is a simple cute bag. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be sleeping or just trying to show off these lashes. I  really like it and the Color blocking on it really adds to the overall design.


I almost missed this tiny detail inside the bag. I’m glad I didn’t cause I love it.


This is a Super Fine Sea Salt Face Glow from Wild Honey Botanicals. This stuff is a blend of fine sea salt, lucuma powder, organic lemon essential oil, bio-dynamic honey and immortelle absolute. The way you use it is to Mix the Salt Mixture with water to make like a paste. I mixed mine in a tiny paper cup with a pen. Then you massage it on to your face and neck. It says to allow it to rest a minute then rinse. I kept it on only for about 5 minutes then washed it off. Honestly, this thing is a mess and I think would be better to use in the shower. I wish I had used half of it cause It would have saved me eating and inhale this stuff. I like this one since it did exfoliate and leave my skin soft. I don’t think I would buy it again since it was such a mess for me.

These are $8 for the 2 packets. This one isn’t available for purchase on Ipsy’s site.

Buy Super Fine Sea Salt Face Glow.

mPrincess is a brand I have gotten before. It was an eyeshadow actually I have a silver metallic. It’s such a good formula that it’s hard to really forget.  They are really pigmented and easy to use to your advantage. This one came in the shade Pretty Petal which is a perfect name for this rose gold. This eyeshadow is almost multidimensional with the shimmer and glitter is packs in just one swipe. This one can be applied both wet or dry. Also, it’s so lightweight both ways that it’s not falling short.  Honestly, the picture really doesn’t do it justice. This one can be used of course as an eyeshadow but also a highlighter it packs so much shine to it.

This website has a .au url which is Australia based. One of these 1.2-gram jars goes for $15.45 and comes in at least 20 different shades. This one isn’t available for purchase on Ipsy’s site.

Buy Pretty Petal from mPrincess.

I’m pretty big on Smashbox and have been for years since I 1st tired their prime in a bag.  Plus I always love lip products. This one goes on super smooth and with the wand, it makes for easy contouring of your lips. The shade is called Babe Alert and is almost a nude on me. I can apply it and wear it for hours without it drying out my lips. Which is exactly what it is formulated to do. I really dig this one an will use it to death.

These sell for $24 on Smashbox site and come in about 40 different colors. If you get them from Ispy site they are $20.40 after their cashback program.

Buy Always on Liquid Lipstick from Smashbox.

Buy Always on Liquid Lipstick from Ispy.


I have tried this brand before and I was pretty pleased with it.  This is the Thank Me Later face primer from Elizabeth Mott. This one is a light formula that goes on super smooth. You don’t have to use a lot of it to get the full effect of it. I really like this one it makes my skin feel so soft and ready for makeup. Honestly, I would probably buy it again if I need a primer. I have so many right now that I’m trying to get through that I would be purchasing it anytime soon.

This one can be purchased the site for $30 for a  30g tube or if you  Subscribe and Save for $22.50. You can get it from Ispy for $19.20 after the cashback you get.

Buy Thank Me Later from Elizabeth Mott.

Buy Thank Me Later From Ipsy.


I get a Luxie brush about 4 times a year from Ipsy they are always amazing.  This one is a Luxie 140 Detail Tapered Blender.

thumbnail_IMG_6528This one is actually part of a Wonder Woman collaboration. Note the logo on the brush. I really dig this brush. It’s perfect for blending without being too much overkill. I say that because it actually blends and doesn’t just let you cake on an obscene amount of product you don’t need. On top of it, the brush has soft bristles so you don’t stab your eye out. I really do love any of the Luxie brushes I get. They are always good quality and don’t chip or fall apart after so long.

This one goes for $20 on Luxie’s website. If you buy it from Ispy it’s $12.80  after you get the cash back they offer, but you pay $16 up front.

Buy Luxie 140 Detail Tapered Blender Brush.

Buy Luxie Brush from Ipsy.

I was really pleased with this months bag. There wasn’t anything in it that was completely terrible. Ipsy hasn’t been too bad in recent months so I still have some hope it in. What did you all get? Where you happy with it?

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