September Sephora Play!

Continuing this last week of the month with my Sephora Play! box. I am going to continue on with adding the prices and the link to these products. I really like it since we are all on a budget and honestly, it’s a bummer to hear about a  great product only for it to be out of your price range.

thumbnail_IMG_6691This month’s theme is IRL? in case you don’t know what that means it’s In Real Life?  Which I  like cause I imagine most people such as myself do more stuff online than IRL this blog for example. Which something new they are doing is letting you redeem your play points online now. It’s always the one thing that has got me cause I don’t live close enough to a store to actually redeem them but now I can online and I’m excited about it.


This month pamphlet includes the Next-Gen Beauty features tips and tricks for the products of today.

This month’s bag is basically a  fancy ziplock bag. The only real difference is it’s just thicker plastic. I really like the actions they give you on the back and I was excited to do those until I realize nothing would come out.

So I’m not going to lie this month’s box was almost a complete disaster.  I opened my bag to find this mess. What happened was that one of the products was toss in there without the cap. I know that cause there was no cap in the bag.  I was able to clean off the other products and even the plastic bag itself.  I lucked out only 1 product was damaged and that it wasn’t in a cloth bag cause that would have been worst.

So I  contacted Sephora Customer service via email. I had a  reply within an hour stating they would replace it. 2 hours later they had put in and ordered for the replacement item. Later that day I got an email stating my replacement had shipped out.  The Next day I had the replacement delivered. They sent it out overnight. This is the 1st  issue I have ever had with Sephora and I’m extremely pleased with how quickly it was resolved.

Since this was the product I was most concerned about I decided to start with this one. This is Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream by Sunday Riley. I’ve had nothing be a good experience with the brand so I was bummed when it came the way it did. This stuffs come appears to me to be some kind of Gel Cream. You only need a dab of it to cover your entire face. It will instantly start soaking into your skin to give you that silky hydrated feel. I put it on this morning and it still holding up. My face isn’t greasy or red. I got a  nice hydrated glow going on here. I really love this one and would definitely invest in more of it.

This one comes in  2 sizes 0.5 oz for $22 and  1.7 oz for $65. I was only able to find it on Sephora I was able to really find a brand site.

Buy Tidal from Sephora.



I adore Peter Thomas Roth. Literally, every product I have tried from the brand is on point.  This one is a Hungarian Thermal Water Mineral-Rich Atomic Heat Mask, which is a mouth full. It’s a simple mask you apply it all over your face then wait a few mins then add a little water with your fingers. Once you do that you can feel the heat of the product. It’s not intense like others I have tried that literal make you feel like you got a  chemical burn. You will massage it in a couple mins then just rinse your face. Instantly your face is soft and smooth which is rare for a product like this. I’m pretty in love with it actually and will buy it again once I get through this one.

This one goes for $58 for a 5.1oz jar

Buy Hungarian Thermal Mask from Peter Thomas Roth.

Buy Hungarian Thermal Mask from Sephora.



I literally just did a post on this product, how crazy is it that I get a bigger sample of it. Honestly, I’m going to take that post and summaries it. Y’all heard me say it before Too Faces has been a  hit and miss for me.  This is their Hangover Rx Replenishing Face Primer and it’s a big hint for me. This one is a thin cream that you don’t have to use a lot to get the full effect.  It’s also really light so it doesn’t make your face feel heavy. On top of all that it smells like a coconut dream. This stuff is supposed to be the instant cure to revive your face. It not only hydrates and boosts skin’s radiance and promotes the skin’s elasticity. This cream does all of those. I was impressed by how fast it soaked into my skin to give it that smooth completely hydrated feel.  I will be buying this one again.

Standard size which is 1.35 oz that is  $34  Mini size which is 0.68oz is $16.

Buy Hangover Rx from Too Faced.

Buy Hangover Rx from Sephora.

Buy Hangover Rx from Ulta.


This one was marked on the pamphlet as a Community Chosen, which I didn’t even know was a thing. This is the Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil from  Nudestix. What that means is it can be both a lipstick and a blush, which honestly doesn’t seem like it should work but it does. As a cheek product, it goes on smooth and is easy to work into your makeup. I was afraid that it would clump or be too dark, but nope it goes on pretty flawless. I  sadly couldn’t get a  picture where it read well. thumbnail_IMG_6708

As for a Lip pencil, it’s also pretty perfect. I really dig lip pencils I can contour my lip the way I want. I overdid it in the picture above. It goes on smooth and leaves your lips silky without drying them out too bad. I had to add a  little gloss about an hour or 2 after applying. I was worried about this one cause some duel products don’t work so well. This one works amazingly as both with the powdery quality to be a blush but also with high pigmentation for the lipstick quality. This one was in the shade Kiss which also adds to how it works both ways since it’s a lovely medium pink shade. I have gotten several other Nudestix products over the year and have yet to really look into them. I will be seeing what else they offer soon.

This one is a 0.88 oz pencil that comes with a sharper kit for $24. It also comes in  13 shades from light to dark depending on what you are into.

Buy Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil from Nudestix.

Buy Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil from Sephora.


This one was listed as an Exclusive product for this month. This is Sephora’s very own Lashcraft Big Volume Mascara. I’m always excited for mascara I’m obsessed with having long lashes. I actually have been pretty pleased with any Sephora brand products that I have received.


The spoolie on this one is firm enough to make for easy application. This stuff instantly makes your lashes super long and volumized. Which is a dream come true to have it happen in just one coat. The only issue I have had with this product it the Spoolie will hold a lot of product and can lead to clumping. I tried to see if I could get the excess off of it, but everytime you dip the spoolie in and out it just adds more. Most mascaras will have that little plastic ring you have to remove to use all the mascara but this one doesn’t. I may try it with a different brush or see if there is any way around it. Cause this stuff is pretty great.

This one goes for $14 for a 0.44 oz tube.

Buy Lashcraft Big Volume Mascara from Sephora.


Finally, we come to this month’s bouns. They have started bringing back the perfume samples recently. I’m not going to lie I was kind of disappointed when I pulled this one out of the box. Only cause I literally have gotten a  flower bomb sample like a billion times. This one was only slightly different. It still smells like a legit flower bomb, but there is a bigger hint of what smells like honeysuckle. It just smells sweeter than the normal ones. This Nectar one is definitely better than the simple Flowerbomb. I definitley prefer this one and would buy it.

This one comes in  2  sizes 1.7 oz for $120 and 3oz  for $170.

Buy Flowerbomb Nectar from Viktor &Rolf.

Buy Flowerbomb Nectar from Sephora.


I was super happy with this box even though It was a  disaster when I got it. I got some amazing products with a very little downside to them. I’m actually a  little glad it came damaged cause I got to experience just how wonderful Sephora is to fix the solution to the problem.

Play! boxes are $10 a month. As always there is a  link to sign up below.

Sign up for Play! by Sephora.

What did you all get?  anything good?  what was your favorite product?

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