Blackcraft Cult August Mystery Box

So this is kind of my product of the week but not really. I have realized in the past couples days that I have a  problem. I get too many subscription boxes.  Literally, that’s all I have done is review them this past week. I also have an addiction to  Blackcraft, like you should see laundry day that’s all it is. They just keep getting me with their beautiful designs.  This mystery box theme was Edgar Allan Poe. This man is the voice of my childhood. Ever since I first read theTell-Tale Heart in the fourth grade, I have been in love. So of course when they announce this was the box theme, I had to have it. Me and my bestie actually both grabbed one.


The beauty of how they pack these boxes is incredible and I will never figure it out. Plus I dig that you get a sneak peek of everything that’s in it the way they set it up.

This box included

  • 2 Limited Edition Tees
  • 1 Limited Edition Baseball Tee
  • A Limited Edition Hoodie
  • a sticker pack

Let’s start with the Tees first.


This is simple and straight to point of the theme with The Raven on the Skull.


This one is more of a graphic novel cover for The Black Cat.


This one is the baseball tee. This one feature Poe behind the spooky haunted house. Below you will see the last lines of Poe’s The Happiest Day. I love the comfy of their baseballs tees but I wish they weren’t primarily white.


The main reason  I was so stoked about this box was that it included a hoodie. It was the only thing I hadn’t purchase from them cause I couldn’t ever decide which one I wanted. This one was perfect. They did the Poe portrait with the slashes of the skull. It works well for the theme in general. I am in love with this hoodie. It’s cozy and not overly warm, which is what I like since I work from home spend most of my time in a hoodie and leggings.

The Stickers packs are always the designs of the shirt just in sticker form.  Personally, I love stickers in general and have a collection of them I’ve gotten over the years.

These boxes are always coming through for me, but I’ve never had any issues with anything I’ve gotten from Blackcraft as a whole. Plus you really get your money worth with them. Actually, you save money grabbing one of these.  These boxes price range anywhere from  $60 to  $65 with shipping I paid around $77 for this one.

Let me  Breakdown the total value for yall.

Regular Tees $25 x 2

Baseball Tees  $30 to $32 depending on  size

Zip up Hoodies are $50 to $52 depending on size

Sticker packs are listed on the website but I would imagine they are a $10 to  $15.

Shipping $12.77 since it’s a box the shipping is more.

So If you total that up it’s around $140 worth of merch and you are only paying like $70. It’s a good deal even if you don’t know what you are getting in it.

This month’s theme is  Halloween you have till the end of the month to purchase.

Buy this month’s BCC mystery box.

They also have a new monthly subscription box that ranges from $35 to $65 depending on how many products you want. I’m going to try at some point.

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