Summer Walmart Beauty Box

So for months, I have heard about this Walmart Beauty box and finally decided to check it out. I ordered in just enough time to get the Summer box. I will tell you it takes a couple weeks to actually ship and process the box so It may not come for a while if you do order it.


I  really like the summer palm tree feel they gave the box. thumbnail_IMG_5649

I really love it when a  box or product puts a  positive message in there. Embrace your Beauty, which is really something that we all need to do.

They also tossed a little card in there where you can rate and review the products on their site. which I will be doing with this post and copying and pasting.

Pantene is pretty popular and their products are always of good quality. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad experience with them.  This one is a Foam Conditioner, which I have never heard of so it was an experience for me. It’s in this tiny can you gotta shake before using as with any cans. This one comes out like Mousse but it goes on less sticky. I had to use a handful of it since mine hair is so long.  It did leave my hair feeling conditioned. I honestly don’t care for it. I think it may work better to use on shorter hair so you don’t have to use the whole can. I really dig the idea but I  use too much conditioner for this to work for me.

This one is $5.97 for a  6 oz can.

Garnier Fructis is another popular brand that I have of course tired over the years. This one is a  hair mask that only takes 1 min.  You can also use it as a conditioner and a  leave in.  I used it as a conditioner, I left it on for a couple of mins like it was a mask. This was a  little packet so It didn’t cover all of my hair. I used some of the foam conditioners to get all the ends.  Once I  washed it out my hair was feeling pretty silky smooth.  I towel dried my hair and went to sleep. I woke up this morning and my hair wasn’t super soft and not tangled. I would buy this one again especially since it can be used in a  few different ways.

This one is  $4.49 for a  3.4 oz jar and it also comes in a 13.5 oz jar for $7.99.


They put another Garnier product in there. This is part of their Skin Active collection and it is a Soothing 3-in-1 Moisturizing Day/Night- Mask.

  •  a day moisturizer that hydrates.
  • a night moisturizer that nourishes.
  • a face mask to soothe.

I have used this as all 3. As a day moisturizer, I  put on my toner and then apply this. After about 2 hours my face is smooth, but it is a little greasy around my nose. When I used it for the night and sleep on it. I did wake up with soft skin with no redness. I did have to apply my toner in the morning cause I was a tiny bit greasy. It actually made my skin smoother than it normally is with the toner.  I have used it as a  mask which I tend to use a  little bit more than I would have just a  face moisturizer. Honestly, you really only need just a little bit of this stuff will cover your whole face. I prefer this one as a  mask or a  night moisturizer. Mainly cause you can wash your face after or in the morning. Personally, it works better for me.

This one goes for $11.99 for a 6.75oz jar.


I honestly didn’t know these where a  thing but they are a freaking game changer. Kleenex is, of course, the dominant brand of tissues especially when you have a cold. Even then they still will leave you a  little Raw and red nosed. These are the future. They are like a  baby wipe without the smell. It’s all the goodness of a  tissue just in a wipe and they are designed for your face and hands. I’m really into these and will be investing in some for the upcoming cold season.

These are sold in packs of 8, 24, and  56. The price varies from 99 cents to $12.96 depending on where you are purchasing it from.

Honestly, this is the last product I tried, not sure why cause I love Neutrogena. I’ve invested a lot in them lately. This is a Hydro-Boost mask, which I thought was going to be a paper one. It’s this strange plastic gel mask, which I’ve never used before. It’s slick on one side and has some type of grid on the other. I’m assuming so it can stick to your face better the instructions didn’t really say. It literally smells like soap and you can smell it the moment you pull it out of the package. The mask comes in  2  parts, one for around your mouth/chin then the other for the top part of your face. It was weird to put on since it’s a gel sheet but I managed to get in on after 5 mins. I left it on for about 30 mins. I recommend not talking or the bottom part will fall off. After that take it off and massage in the rest. Instantly your face has a glow to it leaving it soft and hydrated.  Despite the soap smell I would buy this one again just based on the after effect.

These are $2.50 a mask. They also have an overnight mask for the same price.


I’ve only ever used the Nair Cream, which has been a while. This was actually a nice surprise. So you get these little strips that are 2  stuck together so you can pull them apart. You take a  strip to apply it to the area you want to remove hair I suggest rubbing it worked better for me to get it to actually pull a lot of hair. You can do this a couple of times actually not just one time and toss it.  I don’t suggest using it an saving it for another day cause that’s gross. After you wax whatever area you desire there is a  wipe to use to clean the area and make sure everything sanitized. I actually like these. If you need a quick wax or you have a spot that no matter how many times you shave the hair won’t go away this is what you need. I will definitley have to invest in some to have around just in case.

These are  $5.98 for a  pack of 40. They also have them in  Bikini Strips for $7.98.

All of these items can, of course, be purchased from your local Walmart or hence why they come in a Walmart Beauty Box. If you order over $35 worth of stuff you get free 2 Day Shipping. Please keep in mind that shipping can change and be delayed a day depending on what time you order it.

For this entire box, you pay $5, that’s it. Even if you get something terrible that you hate or won’t use. It’s  $5 so it’s not a complete an utter loss compared to blow $50 on one product that is complete shit.  This one is seasonal so it’s  $20 a year for random products to try. If you are interested in trying I have included a  link below.

Sign up for a Walmart Beauty Box.

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