Naked Palette

Finally, I have an actual product of the week again.

As most of you all have Urban Decay is discounting their Naked Palette. This palette first launched in  2010 to give beauty lovers a set of traditional neutral colors to wear for every day. While also allowing them to be manipulated to create something more dramatic. I’m not going to lie to you, this is my first naked palette.  I never jumped on the bandwagon, I don’t know if it was the cause of all the hype or what. I just never cared to invest in any of the naked collection. I’m a terrible beauty lover and I’m mad at myself for sleeping on this palette.


The packaging is simple. It has the name and then the shades included to line the bottom.


The back keeps with the theme but gives you the description and the names of the  12  shades.  My favorite part of it is that it literally says This palette is anything but boring, which is true.


I will forever love the little details that  UD puts on the inside of the packaging of their products.  It always adds that little extra do it.  Since this is a neutral palette, I really like that they took to the purple floral pattern to give it that little pop of color.


The  Palette itself is this lovely dark reddish brown velvet.

thumbnail_IMG_6259 The back is the same. Honestly, it would be weird if it wasn’t.


The inside of the palette is simple which a lot of colors would just take away from the neutral tones of it.  Also, it has a  mirror which I appreciate but I feel like they could have made it a little bit bigger.

It comes with this lovely brush that is 2 sided. The side on the left is a fuller brush it’s not really around blender one it’s flatter so you can get a dark blend. The right side is the flat brush so you can get those harder lines.

Let’s break down these 12 shades included in this palette.  I’m starting from the top and working my way down.  I decided to include 2  swatch pictures so you could see the shine a  few of these pack.

Virgin- You can’t even see it. Literally, the same color as my skin.

Sin– light pink shimmer, really almost a silver tone.

Naked– light tan matte.

Sidecar- medium brown shimmer with tiny pieces of silver glitter.

Buck- Dark Brown matte.

Half Baked- gold shimmer

Smog- dar brown shimmer with gold tones.

Darkhorse-Brownish Black with silver and gold tones.

Toasted- dark pinkish brown shimmer.

Hustle-Silver Brown Shimmer.

Creep-Matte black full of tiny silver glitter.

Gunmetal- black with blue tones and silver glitter.

These shade are stunning. They are the basic ones I think you need to do any look. I don’t know about y’all but if I did to do a  quick look that’s not going overboard or risky then I got for something neutral.  I think this palette is perfect for the theme of Naked especially since the 1st shade is actually naked on me.

I  decided to include 2 looks I created with this palette. They are pretty simple.


This when I  went a little darker with the Creep and the  Gunmetal to define and give myself a  little smoky eye.

This one I  went with more of the  Darkhorse and the Hustle with a little creep. They really look alike just I changed up the colors. I prefer darker colors so I  rarely ever for something simple and light.

I really do adore this palette and I’m mad at myself for wanting to try it. However, it is on sale right now so I’m not too mad at myself since they are 50 % off at $27. I used Ulta points to get this one so I only paid like $15 for it.  I suggest grabbing one while you can since they are on their way out the door. As always I have included links below.

Buy Naked Palette from Urban Decay.

Buy Naked Palette from Sephora.

Buy Naked Palette from Ulta.

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