UD Troublemaker set

Honestly, I have sat down to type up this post several times and just didn’t. I’m not sure why cause this isn’t a terrible palette or anything. I think I was just stuck.

This is the Troublemaker set that has a lovely palette and a mascara.

I always dig the packaging on  Urban Decay products. You can always tell it’s something of theirs. The front has the logo. While the back has the colors included as well as the mini mascara. Which honestly I didn’t realize was included when I ordered it, so it was a  surprise when I opened it.

The palette itself sticks with the theme. You open it up to see the huge mirror, which I always appreciate in a  palette. This one went a step further and included a perfect Jac Vanek quote on the side. If you don’t know who Jac is, give her a  google she is a  good time.

This is a mini of the troublemaker mascara. The spoolie is rubber and a little too flimsy for me. The product does go on perfectly and it makes it easier to manipulate. The downside it that if you aren’t careful you can make a mess. This one does make your lashes appear longer and doesn’t clump. It’s a quick one to grab when you just need some to put on without a lot of hassle. I dig it.

A full size which is 0.25 goes for $24 whereas this 0.10oz mini one is $11.

Buy Troublemaker from Urban Decay.

Buy Troublemaker Mascara from Sephora.

Buy Troublemaker Mascara from Ulta.


This one comes with 10 shades if you could the dual one as 2. They are all darker or neutral shades, which for some reason seems perfect for a  palette called Troublemaker. I mean come on don’t you think of dark edgy makeup when you think of a person who is considered a troublemaker? Let’s break down these highly pigmented shades. Please remember I’m a  super pale Troublemaker so they may read differently on my skin than yours.


Bailout- Beige Matte

Riot-Coppery Brown shimmer

7&7– Brown clay matte

Relish– Crimson Red Matte

Clash- transparent white glitter and black matte with tiny glitter.

Knockout- Dark brown Matte

Girl Crush-reddish dark pink shimmer

Bankroll– Deep Forest Green with hints of gold glitter

Afterhours- Black shimmer with silver glitter.

I actually really like this set. The dark tones you get are lovely. The shades are all highly pigmented and go on that way in one go. Well except the white which it really nothing much.  Also, they really kept with the theme perfectly. The names chosen are on point. If you need a simple palette to take on the go or you are just looking to try the brand and can’t afford one of the other ones. Grab this one.

Urban Decay does still have this set for sale for $19.  Ulta has it for the full price of $39 if you are into that.

Buy Troublemaker Set from Urban Decay.

Buy Troublemaker Set from Ulta.

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