Alert Gum

I have another rogue post. I randomly came across this in the checkout at Walmart. Which isn’t that how they get you? Clever placement around the checkout so that you see and think “Oh I would like that?”. It’s always a trap. I grabbed this one purely because I like to have a  quick go to if I run out of my normal energy supply or supplements.


I like that the package has the energy wave to it. They made it simple and not too much overkill. Also, check out the back where it says each piece is only 5 calories. This one is a fruit flavor and says that 1 piece contains the same about of  Caffeine as a half cup of coffee.


You get  8 pieces of this octagon-shaped gum.  The taste says fruit but they taste like bad coffee once you start chewing. After a  few minutes, it doesn’t taste that bad and the aftertaste doesn’t linger.  The gum doesn’t really lose it’s flavor like most gum does but after like  30 mins it does become super gooey. It does do what its suppose to and give you that little rush of energy.  However, I wouldn’t buy this again just because I don’t care for it.

DISCLAIMER: Not recommended for those under the age of 18, pregnant and nursing women, or people sensitive to caffeine. I got that off the site since I didn’t see it anywhere on the packaging.

These are $2 and some change. They are available in  Fruit and Mint. I imagine the mint taste like minty coffee.  You can buy this about anywhere. If you look at where to buy on the site this stuff it made by the Mars company that makes M&Ms and such. If you would like more info on this stuff I have included a  link below.

More info on Alert Gum.

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