Pedi-Glass Stone

This one is kind of another rogue item but not really. This one is a Pumice stone that I bought on a whim from Ulta. I like to have one in my shower so I can grab it if I need it. I just toss my old one out, so I needed a new one to have around.  Actually, I dig this one so much it’s this weeks product of the week.

This one the Earth Therapeutics Smoothing Stone. It comes in a simple packaging. I really like that you can see through it and had to cut out to actually feel it. Which is only good in person and I ordered this online so it’s not really valid here. I like that they do it regardless. This product is 100% Baked, Eco-Friendly Silica Glass.

The thing I  liked about this one the most and the reason I  purchased it was because it was two-sided.  You use the green coarse side to remove harder calluses on hands & feet. The white finer side to smooth & treat delicate areas such as ankles, elbows, knees. This can use wet or dry. I prefer wet cause I feel like it does more. It’s not so rough that it overdoes it. I have used some pumices that seem to do harm than good. You don’t need a pumice that destroys your feet to the point it hurts. If you need a good quality pumice stone this one a good one to grab. Plus it’s only  $5 which is a steal. Some are way more and the cheaper ones break and don’t work as well.

I  got this one from Ulta for $5 and the brand’s sketchy looking website has it for $7.99.

Buy Pedi-Glass Stone from Ulta.

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