Fetish Eyeshadow Palette

This week I’m reviewing the new Kat Von D Beauty Fetish Collection. This one came out about 3 weeks ago at the end of September. I had been waiting for it to come out since I  saw the designs for it earlier this year.  So I’ve been excited and obsessed with playing with it. Hopefully, it carries over in this post.

Which before I get into the review. If you don’t know anything about this collection it did take some heat with people thinking that this was a dig at the Fetish community. Which I get it, I understand why people would think that. I honestly don’t believe that there is anything but love for it from Kat. I personally think the 2  kinda go hand in hand. I say that as someone who appreciates both the makeup and BDMS/Fetish world. I adore people who get all dolled up to practice the culture. It’s really a thing of beauty. If it’s not your thing I get it, to each their own.

On to the review.


The box is this shiny black with the logo embossed on it.  There is minimal design to it which I always dig with Kat’s products since it doesn’t take away from the actual palette.  I could not get a good picture of it.


As always the back of the box features the base color layout of the palette. These are not the exact colors.


I love the little details that are inside the boxes.  It’s really my new favorite thing with products.


The same logo carries over to the actual palette with the exception that this one is done as more of an embroidery.  I really dig the attention to detail that was put into it.


The back is simple with the shade names laid out in metallic red, even though it looks gold.


The inside of this palette is lovely. The matte black with the red edges.


I really love this mirror. It’s almost the same size as the palette and just look at that whip decal to bring the theme together.


Look at these beautiful perfect shade against that matte black. I’m all for palettes that do this and don’t take away from the actual shades.

Next, I am going to break down these shades. Please remember that these compare on my super pale arms. Results may vary.


Nylon-  matte dark grey with tiny bits of Silver glitter.

Kink– matte lavender with silver glitter

Blindfold- dark rose gold shimmer

Deviant-purple toned  silver shimmer

Whip- goes on like a matte black with gold and silver glitter.

Suspension– dark brownish grey matte.

Rope– Copper shimmer

Sex- bright orange matte reminds me of a  creamsicle.

Latex- midnight blue matte with light blue and silver glitter.

Obsession– deep blue matte, it’s a shade lighter than Latex.

Chastity-  bronze creme mixed with gold glitter.

Shibari- olive green shimmer with gold tones. Which that word means “to Tie” in Japanese.


Corset- grey purple matte. It’s the matte version of Deviant

Cuffs- silver creme mixed with silver glitter.

La Petite Mort– matte forest green. The French term is an expression which means “the brief loss or weakening of consciousness” and in modern usage refers specifically to “the sensation of orgasm as likened to death

Submissive– gold creme mixed with gold glitter.

Rubber- matte black with tiny hints of silver glitter.

Fixation– matte beige

Knotty- dark tan matte

S&M- dark bluish grey matte.

Stiletto- deep pink shimmer.

Dominatrix– Pink shimmer with red tones.

Bondage– deep red with pink tones. It’s the matte version on Dominatrix.

Safe Word- medium brown matte with pink tones.

I really think they nailed it with these shades and the names. I like it when shades are giving names that actually make you think of the name.  Like the Sex shade makes me think of bright hot sex. Cuffs literally feel like a  brand new pair of shiny smooth handcuffs. I adore being about to make the connects to the shades.

The only issue I had was mixing shades which rebelled on me, but I was mixing like dark shades together expecting it to work. I almost made myself a panda. It is weird they are so pigmented that it rebelled. The lights and dark mix perfectly together.

I really dig this palette. It’s got some many colors it’s hard to choose what I want to use. There is literally a billion looks I could create with this. I tend to go with the same ones like I always do and I need to stop it.  I have included a couple of the ones I have created below.



I was feeling green I used a combination of Shibari and La Petite Mort with Rubber and Whip. I used Chastity in the corner of my eye.

This look I used a mix of Deviant and Cuff along with S&M and Latex.


This was the 1st look I made when I got the Palette and turned into a panda. I wanted to try all the colors. I used Nylon as a  base and lost it from there with various shades mixed in. I used Dominatrix for my bottom lash line and  Cuff in my inner eye. I also used a shit ton of Rubber.

As you can see I gotta branch out more from my usual colors. This palette is a  good one to do that with while still keep it a  little on the dark side.

This palette is  $63. You can get it from Kat Von D Beauty’s website or  Sephora. I have included links below.

Buy the Fetish Eyeshadow Palette from Kat Von D Beauty.

Buy Fetish Eyeshadow Palette from Sephora.

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