Fetish Blush + Highlighter Palette

I am continuing on with this week with part 2 of the Kat Von D Beauty  Fetish Collection.  This was actually the 1st part I bought. Sephora had a limited 48 hr early access. It was pink and shiny and I wanted it. This is the Fetish Blush + Highlighter Palette.


The same logo is used on this packaging. honestly, it would be silly if it wasn’t. You can actually see the logo on this one where it’s the baby pink and not the black.


The back also features the colors that are included in the palette. These are actually more on point than the ones on the back of the eyeshadow palette.


Again with the little inside details.


The same theme is on this palette. I actually dig this pink one more. I think it reads a little better. It also could because I love pink.


The back features the Shade colors in Red Metallic.


This palette is a lot smaller than the Eyeshadow palette but does have the same theme to it, just different colors. This one is the baby pink with the red trim, all matte. thumbnail_IMG_7037

I’m glad they kept them the same layout since I love the mirrors on these. A palette with a  good mirror is important.


This palette features 3 blushes and 3 matching Highlighter.

Let’s take about these shades. I decided to swatch them highlighter then the matching blush cause they read better together than separately.


Roseshock- pink opal with pink and silver glitter. This one was actually featured in the Metal Crush Extrem Highlighter Palette as well.

Bathory– hot hot pink, which I’m assuming is named after Countess Elizabeth Báthory who also a serial killer.

Magick- peach with gold glitter, They also have a  lipstick with the same name that I love.

Salem- peachy flame orange blush.

Telepathy– Amethyst with pink and blue glitter.

Coven– light lavender, there is also a  lipstick shade of this.

The colors of this one don’t really go with the fetish theme like the eyeshadow palette does. I feel like that’s a missed opportunity.  Despite that I adore the palette,  the colors are vibrant and pop like nobodies business.


Seriously look at this. I went overboard. This is actually a little of all 3 blushes mixed with all 3 of the highlighter. I was that girl, I got a new highlighter and lost it. You really only need a  little of this product to get the point across which is amazing.

This one was $43 and you can find it on Kat’s Site and Sephora. The links to purchase are below, as always.

Buy the Fetish Blush + Highlighter Palette from Kat Von D Beauty.

Buy The Fetish Blush + Highlighter Palette from Sephora.

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