Fetish Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Set

The final review to finish out the Kat Von D Beauty Fetish collection and it’s also my product of the week. If you know anything about me, it should be that I’m obsessed with lip products so when I saw this set I jumped on it.

The package matches that of the eyeshadow palette with the shiny black and the same embossed logo. They include the peephole which I always like for lipstick sets.  The back features the names of the shades.

Again with the details. I love these little stars that are inside of most of the Kat Von D packages.  Also, I like the logo on the top of these everlasting liquid lipsticks.


Here are all 4 of them laid out. They all have that traditional look of the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick with the roses on the lid and the design on the tube. The set includes of The Best Selling shades and a limited edition new one.


I decided to swatches the altogether, then I will review them all individually.

Ophelia– nude shade that looks almost tan in the tube but goes on like a dusty pink. I was worried this one would be too light but it actually works pretty well with my pale skin.

Lolita is one of the most popular shade the brand has right now. and honestly, I never cared to try it. I didn’t realize it was part of the set until I  got it. I’m glad I did cause this shade is stunning.  It the tube it looks like a  brown. When I put it on it’s the lovely pinkish shade that I’m in love with.

Underage Red– This is the traditional red shade that  I think every makeup brand needs to have. The name of this one has caused some controversy to think it’s promoting something more sinister. Personally, I think the name is perfect. Most young kids who want to wear makeup always go for the red, it’s a classic shade. It was my 1st shade when I was 14 and started playing around with makeup. The shade itself is so stunning on, especially against my pale skin.

Latex-  it’s a midnight blue pack with glitter. It looks almost black when it goes on. Once it dry and you rub your lips together it turns bluer and you can see the glitter. Its kinda like a glitter flip in a way. This is the limited edition shade. It actually the same color as the eyeshadow version of the shade included in the palette. I really love this one.

As with any of the everlasting liquid lipsticks, these go on smooth and are easy to contour your lips with the applicator. It drys quickly in a few mins. The color will stay for a good while. The only issue I have with this stuff is that sometimes they dry out my lips. I can use a clear gloss over top of it to help refresh it, there is not rebelling with mixing. Another thing I like to do is take one of Kat’s Studded Creme lipstick and use it as a base for one of these.

This set is amazing and I’m in love with it if you haven’t figured that out yet. I think it’s the perfect set to round out this collection. This one was so limited addition that it’s not even available online with Kat’s website or Sephora. You may be able to snag one in store. The set of 4 was $44.

Anyone else tried this collection? If so what did you think about?

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