October Ipsy Bag

I have decided to do my subscription a  week early this month since this is the last full week of October and I have some Halloween stuff to post next week.

I’m kicking this week off with my Ipsy since It’s still the 1st one I  always get before any of the other ones.


This month’s theme is Ipsy After Dark. Which as a  night owl I dig. Because Who said nights were for Sleep? not me. I prefer dark to light.


I  really dig this months bag, It’s the simple red with the masquerade mask embossed on it. I think it’s perfect for the Halloween season and the after dark theme.


I was pretty excited when I  saw this tiny Shape Tape by Tarte in the bag preview. I love shape tape and actually just brought a  full size in this shade which is Fair-Neutral when Ulta had them half price a couple weeks ago.  This has been my go-to concealer for months now.  It’s a simple formula that covers imperfections flawlessly. I usually use a  blender to blend it in but in recent weeks I have been using a brush. You can do both and it will go on perfectly. I highly recommend this one.

It comes in  30 shade and goes for $27 a piece and sometimes you can get it half off for $13. This one is not available from Ipsy’s  Shopper they do have 20% off on other brand products. This one is also available with Ulta.

Buy Shape Tape Concealer from Tarte.

Buy Shape Tape from Ulta.


I have gotten a bunch of  City Color Eyeshadow in bags before. It’s always a good quality but usually came in the same shades. When I got this one I was super excited for the change. This is their Glow Po Steller Iridescent Highlight in Nebula.


As you can see this is an intense highlighter. You don’t have to use a lot to make it work. This formula is a combination of a creme and a powder. Due to that, you will see some clumping when you use it.  However, it’s not that big of an issue since it is easily blendable. This shade is an ice blue packed with white shimmer and baby blue glitter. It really looks stunning on and I will be using it to death. I would purchase this one again.

This one is actually part of a  4 shade Stellar Palette for $8.99 which is a steal for a highlighter like this. You can get it on Ipsy’s Shopper for $7.64 after cashback.

Buy the Glo Pro Stellar Highlighter from City Color.

Buy Stellar Glo Pro from Ipsy Shopper.


Another unknown brand that actually caught me off guard. Literally when I opened it  I  saw Donkey Milk and had to do a double take. Like Really? wtf? Even when you look up the product the brand says Listen I know it’s weird but trust us.   Apparently, Donkey Milk also knows as  White Gold is rich in protein, minerals, vitamins, bioactive enzymes, and several other things to restore balanced nourishment and moisture skin. The back of the pack says that Cleopatra adored the stuff. I did my normal skincare routine, washed my face, I did skip my cleansing water/toner, and applied a decent amount of it to my face and neck.  I let it soak in before I went to sleep. I slept about 7 hrs and woke up with an already soft hydrated non-red face. I washed the mask off and my face was still super soft. I’m actually quite impressed with this stuff. I was a little off put but the name but this stuff is pretty amazing. Also, you get like a  week of uses out of this one pack. I will be buying this one again.

This one is  $3 a piece from the New York Based Company. It’s not available with the Ipsy Shopper.

Buy Donkey Milk Sleeping Mask from Soo Ae.


This is a brand that I have never heard of, but it was a  lipstick so I was excited.   This is Oryza Beauty Lipstick in the color Opus. It’s a deep berry red with hints of pink to it. The formula goes on smooth and doesn’t dry out my lips. The color stays on for hours. I wore it to go move stuff and it was still going strong after that.  Once you do wear it off you are left with a stunning tint to your lips. There isn’t’ a bad smell to it either which happens with some lesser known brands I have come across. This one is based out of the  UK, I looked on their website to learn more about it. Sadly this shade is not available there at this time but they do have 5 other lovely shades. These are $22 a pop.   This one is also not available on Ipsy’s shop either.

Buy Lipstick from Oryza Beauty.


I love The Balm Cosmetics, I literally get something from them either every month or every other month. I’m never disappointed and they are on my list to explore.  This one is the Take Home The Bronze in shade Oliver. It seems like all of their product are named after dudes and I actually kind of dig it. This is an Anti-Orange Bronzer which is wonderful since most bronzer will give you that orange tone when you apply it.


As you can see when you apply it really goes on like a  bronzer as an actually brown shade and not the orange tone. I used this to contour my face and it goes on light to give you that depth without making you look mismatched. I really love this one and would buy it again.

The Balm sells this one for $17.50 and comes in 3 different shades this one being the lightest. You can get this one from Ipsy for $14 after your cashback.

Buy Take Home The Bronze from The Balm.

Buy Take Home the Bronze from Ipsy Shopper.


This was my look from a couple weeks ago when I  got the bag. I used the Bronzer to contour, Shape Tape to conceal,  the lipstick of course, and the highlighter on my nose, cheeks, and brow bone. I’m pretty happy with this bag as a whole. There is usually one product out of the lot that I just hate but this one there wasn’t. I have actually heard this from several people that they were happy with this bag to compare to past one. I’m glad  Ipsy is finally getting it together. Hopefully, it will continue on.

If you want to sign up for Ipsy I have included my referral link below.

Sign up for Ipsy.

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